Grandma Forgetting Pills has become a big problem

Med-Q pill reminder for alzheimer’s medication

Med-Q Pill Reminder for Alzheimer’s Medication

 A  Pill Reminder is helping Alzheimer’s Patients Take Their Medicine

MED-Q 7 day pill reminder is used for Alzheimer’s patients.7 Day pill Reminder for Alzheimer's

Med-Q 7 Day pill Reminder for Alzheimer's MED-Q 7 day pill reminder is used for  Alzheimer’s patients because they are not always able to tell us that they are missing their pillsAlzheimer’s sufferers often can not be able to tell us that something is wrong.  They may have reactions to different pills for a number of different reasons. a 7 Day Pill reminder helps avoid mixing up pills.  It is important to be aware of some of the side effects of Alzheimer medication.  

An example , Cholinesterase inhibitors (aricept, razadyne, exelon),frequently have the side effect of nausea, abdominal pain from gastrointestinal effects.   Other side effects  from this medication are , anorexia, or agitation per the Alzheimer’s Association  .  It is extremely important to take the prescription medications at the right times and days that is why a  7 DAY PILL REMINDER is so Important.

Finally a Smart Pill Box with Alarms 

To sum up, Med--Q Timer Pill Box is like nothing else.  The loved one may be experiencing discomfort or pain for dozens of potential reasons as shown on WEBMD . Moreover, Med-Q Alzheimer's pill alarm provides relief.

  • First,  Arthritis, which may limit the range of motion your loved one can make
  • Second, Constipation, which can be painful and cause the sufferer to lose their appetite
  • Third, Poor Oral care and resulting pain that is caused  in the teeth and gums.
  • fourth, Poorly fitting dentures, which leads to loss of appetite
  • to sum up, Urinary tract infection, which is painful and discomforting.

Some very basic illnesses are  feeling sick, from having stomach flu, a sore throat, or even a  winter cold.  There are question  that can trigger events., s An example,taking  the medicine in a different place that causes discomfort and anxiety.  However There may loud noises like from a TV or radio, or people's normal conversations. In the event that you have ruled out problems such as these, your loved one may be forgetting how to take medicine.

7 Day pill Reminder for Alzheimer's
MED-Q smart pill reminder

 That is why it is so important to have a 7 Day Pill Reminder or some type of medication reminder.  

Sometimes, they simply forget and need their 7 Day Pill reminder to remind them.  Caregivers have to be very, very creative to get their loved ones to take the medications at the right times.


Suggestions from experienced caregivers:

7 Day Pill Reminder
7 Day Pill Reminder for Alzheimer’s Medication

A 7 day Pill Reminder provides cues.  Initially, we can simply offer the pills to our loved ones, and watch to make sure that all of the pills are taken. However, as the Alzheimer’s progresses, our loved ones will how to take pills.

2. Make it a non-event

Many patients can become stubborn and  making medication time a challenge  Have a schedule? If not, make one. Alzheimer’s loved ones often do better on a schedule with their pill organizer

3. Make a game of it.

Caregiver’s say making a game of taking the pills is an effective method for taking pills. . Susan Miller says, “Put the pills in her loved one’s hand and  say , Bet you can’t take all three at once.”

4. Try bribery

Get your vitamins out, and take them along with your loved one, saying as you go,” Get your pill Clock, take your medications and Let’s take our vitamins together so we can be strong and healthy, then we will go do something fun!”

5. Hide the medicine in anything edible

Whether your loved one is resisting taking her prescriptions.  In the event that simply forgotten how, try offering them to her hidden in a soft food such as applesauce, yogurt, pudding, dessert baby food, fruit preserves, or jelly, one pill per teaspoonful. She may just swallow the food, pill and all. (By the way, if you, yourself, have trouble swallowing large pills, .  Consequently they are much easier to swallow in a spoonful of yogurt

What works today may not work tomorrow. Be flexible, and understanding. And do your best to keep a sense of humor about it!   See more 7 day pill reminder on Google+ Facebook  YouTube.

7 day Pill Reminder for Dementia Medication


MED-Q 7 day pill reminder is saving Lives 

7 day pill reminder is used to keep loved ones Safe and Independent.  Needless to say,to avoid mixing up pills, you must have a 7 day pill reminder.  long distance caregiverbuy now

Med-Q pill reminder for alzheimer's


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