med-q pill box

MED-Q Pill dispensers for Mom with Alzheimer’s

Med-Q Pill Dispenser for Mom with Alzheimer’s

Med-Q Pill dispensers for Mom with Alzheimer’s is a crucial decision.

Seniors forget to take their medication all the time.  A old fashion pill box for mom  is not going to solve the problem. Modern technology has made advances in home medication.  These Advances have allowed seniors to stay at home longer and healthy better quality of life.

pill pill dispensers for mom
pill dispensers for mom

Med-Q Pill Dispenser or a Pill reminder, can mean the difference between life and death.

 Forgetting your Medication or overdosing leads to over 125 thousand death per year. Moms have found the MED-Q Pill box to be the answer..  MED-Q , Med-Q Pill dispensers for Mom with Alzheimer’s will beep at the programmed time to remind Mom to take her pills.  The consequences of not taking medication can be shocking.

Another MED-Q Pill Box with Alarm success Story

pill pill dispensers for momDenver Co), Reggie U. needed a the Med-Q Pill dispensers for Mom with Alzheimer’s.  Her Mom had a 14 day pill organizer, but that didn’t help.   She needed a true  Medication Timer not just a, Pill Box .With her new diagnosis, an Alzheimer’s pill alarm, could keep her at home.  With her Mom Forgetting pills we were at wits end.

Pill Reminder with alarmWhy She needed an Alzheimer’s Pill Alarm

Reggie said, “The problem was very simple.  She would forget the day of the week and take three or four doses a day”.  We know that it is hard for retired people to remember the day of the week.  Mom forgetting medication is easy for them.  Without a “work” schedule , the days of the week blend together.  

Reggie tried our MED-Q Pill reminder.  “It has been great… Mom is only taking the box when it is flashing”  Med-Q Timer Pill Box to the rescue….AGAIN!!! 

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A pill box for Mom can be the answer to your problems.  Keep Mom on track with the smart Pill box with alarms. Go to you tube and watch the AMAZING VIDEO of the MED-Q Pill box in action.  I promise you will never look at a pillbox the same.   Med-Q Pill dispensers for Mom with Alzheimer’s is the first step in controlling their medicationPill dispenser with Alarms testimoniials

MED-Q 14 Day PillBox with Alarms


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