Automated Medication Dispensers with alarms

MED-Q pill dispenser with alarm for MOM is a Personal Choice

Med-Q Pill Dispenser with alarm for MOM is a Personal Choice

 Pill Dispenser with alarm for Mom  impacts Quality of Life.

Cutting edge Med-Q pill dispenser can help keep her healthy and Independent.  How big is the problem?

pill boxesAmazing Med-Q Pill dispenser with alarms for mom

First, Med-Q Pill dispenser with alarms for mom is a personal decision tat should be based on her specific needs.  Second, An Alzheimer's pill dispenser is a great tool in the middle and early stages of Alzheimer's or dementia.  Third, it will be useless in later stages. Finally, what to look for in a Pill Dispenser with alarms for Mom.

Med-Q Simplicity at it's Finest

To sum up, A pillbox for Your Parents.  Furthermore, Most seniors have the first impression reaction.  Hence,  If they don't like the pill clock from day 1, they will never use the pill reminder.  Moreover, It must be easy to use or it will be a waste of money.

Finally, Reliability to Solve Non Compliance 

Pill Dispenser with alarms
Med-Q Pill Dispenser with alarms

First of all, a Pill Dispenser alarm must be reliable.   Second of all, seniors need to count on it 100% of the time.   Third of all, if they feel that is is an unreliable pill dispenser, they will put it in a drawer and never use it.  In conclusion, When this happens the caregiver is usually the last one to know.

Affordability in a Pill Reminder

Dad forgetting pills? Mom forgetting prescription medications?  Forgetting depression medication can be solved with a 2 Dollar pillbox.  But, you get what you pay for.  Some automatic programmable pill dispensers can cot in excess of 1000 dollars. The goal is to find a PillBox with alarms that meets your needs.  There is no sense in paying for something you don't use.  Med-Q pill Box with it's triple alarms and LED LITE-BOX technology is an affordable solution.

Med-Q offers Top Functionality

pill dispenser with alarms
pill dispenser with alarms

The Pill reminder must do the job.  Seniors are easily persuaded not to use their pill box.  Alzheimer's suffers need a Alzheimer's Pill Box with alarms.  It must hold all the pills they need to take and must remind them to take their meds in the right amount at the right time. Nevertheless, we at Med-Q prescription medication dispenser with alarms and timers recommend a dispenser with flashing guides and blasting alarms.  

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