pill box with blasting alarms

Med-Q Pill Box with Blasting Alarms mean no more Forgetting

Med-Q Pill Box with Blasting Alarms mean no more Forgetting

pill box with blasting alarms
MED-Q pill box with blasting alarms

Finally a smart pill box that actually works.

Med-Q Smart Pill Box with Blasting Alarms has been designed to be LOUD.  First, the alarms had to be designed to be the most effective.  Second, the reminders had to be loud enough for senior’s hearing issues.  Third, the alarms could not be too loud as this would scare the user.

Here is how the genius Pill Box with alarm system works

  • Minute 1 & 2:  the alarm will beep every single second.  The volume will start at 100%
  • Minutes 3 &4:  The alarms will beep every 4 seconds.  The volume will be at 150%
  • Minute 5:  The alarms will beep every 10 seconds.  The volume is now 200%

smart pill box for deaf peiopleYour Smart pill box was designed brilliantly.  The alarms starts softer.  Hence, seniors will not be scared by a loud noise.   This is particularly important for Alzheimer’s and Dementia sufferers.  The alarm will eventually double in volume so it can be hear through out the home.  To sum up, a brilliant design means fewer mistake.

Med-Q’s Flashing Guides mean no more Over dosing

Med-Q  Smart Pill Box with Blasting Alarms does more.  First, program your smart Pill reminder for your own personal times.  You can set the pillbox for one or two daily reminders.  First, at the programmed time the alarms will sound.  Second, the individual pill box compartment holding that times pills will start to flash.  Just take the pills and supplements in the flashing box.  No decisions Means no Mistakes.  Flashing guide is perfect for deaf individuals.

Med-Q’s Repeating Alarms  puts an end to Medication Non-Compliance

Smart Pill Box with Blasting Alarms repeats every 30 minutes.  Miss a pill?  No Problem.  Med-Q knows that sometime users are nt around the medication reminder.  The programmed alarms will repeat every 30 minutes until the user has taken their pills.

For example, pill time is 9:00 AM.  However, your mom is outside getting the mail.  Nothing to worry about,  The alarm will repeat it’s 5 minute cycle at 9:30.  The same flashing guides to show your Mom which pills to take.  To sum up, no decision means no mistakes.

pill box

Pill box with Alarm
America’s best Pill reminder with LITE-BOX Guides and Repeating Alarms
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