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MED-Q medication reminder devices

Med-Q medication reminder devices to the rescue

Med-Q medication reminder devices to the rescue

The challenge of staying healthy and taking your prescription medications exactly when your Doctor told them to is vital with out a medication reminder devices is not possible for most seniors..  This being said, up to 90% ,  sometimes just plain forget.  Taking your personal pills and supplements ought  to be simple.  The statistics tells you hat it is NOT simple to not forget or over dose on your pills. 

Med-Q Smart Pill Box with alarms provides you a side by side comparison of some of the top selling medication reminder devices.  Thankfully, there are many Medication Reminder devices that will make it simple to stick to  your medication schedule.  This applies whether it’s one pill a day, or the average of 6-8 pills per day.  These mew pill boxes come equipped with alarms and audio new medication making sure you take it, or making sure you don’t accidentally take two doses — The new generation of pill boxes is not your Mom’s old fashion pill box.

medication reminder devices
medication reminder devices

1. Med-Q Medication Reminder Devices with Flashing Guides

The Med-Q  medicine reminder with alarms can help manage people’s medications thanks to it’s genius design and function.   The med-q is programmable to you chosen medication times.  The smart pill dispenser will light up the individual box to show the user what pills to take.  multiple profiles. It will help to track  the prescriptions and reminds the users the exact dose to take. 

1. M-safe Medication Holder

This medicine reminder is a simple smartphone app, and one that can help manage numerous people’s medications thanks to multiple profiles. It also tracks your prescriptions and reminds you when it’s time for a refill.  M-safe comes with a smartphone app.  This will help tell you when they missed their pills.   This pill reminder is one of the the top rated as well as one of the most downloaded medicine reminder at Apple.

2. Tabtime Pill Box with Timer  and Alarm

Tabby Time will help you to adhere  to your medication and supplement regime.  Keeping the proper pill timetable is a  real problem.  The amount of seniors that have an issue with forgetfulness is shocking.  You ought to try a more modern version of the classic plastic pill box or pill holder.

For less than $20, the Tabbytime Pill box Timer  with alarm comes with 5 different compartments with different alarms sounds for each compartment.  The pillbox will vibrate when it’s time to take your prescription medication as well as vitamins and supplements..  It is very small and compact.  In fact it measures  just 1 inch high and  2.9 inches in diameter.  it has been designed to easily fit into a pocket as well as a  purse.

3. Electronic Pill ReMinder

This pill reminder is hooked to the internet.  The pill dispenser with alarms will hold up to 4 doses of pills.  It has a small LED light to reminder the user.  This Pill dispenser comes with it’s own cell phone connections.  This means you do not need a line line for a connection.  It does have a month cost.  The least expensive plan begins just under 40 dollars.   Some of the more features rich pill boxes can run $65 per month.  People will keep their pill dispenser in their individual pockets or purses.  The locking mechanism is a safety feature if young kids are around the pill dispenser box.

medication reminder devices4. Simple Pill Pack

This is an option that get the pill  dosing done for you.  With is choice, you don’t even have to go to the pharmacist.  The, Pill Pack’s are delivered to your own home.  Wait, there is even more.

You need to sign up, and the transfer over your medications, to them.  At he starting date,  dosed out medications will arrive at your doorstep .  The delivery is every two weeks.  The pills come in  a plastic packaging that is held together on a roll. They’ll even contact your doctor to confirm your medicine schedule.  They will do it again when your prescription is getting low.  One needs to simply pay attention to the time and date printed on each individual pack.  PillPack also has a smartphone app that lets you set pill reminder alarms throughout your day.

5. Once-per-Day medication reminder devices

medication reminder devices
Med-Q medication reminder devices

This pill box is good for people who are taking just 1 pill every day.  An example , an antibiotic for 3 week time period.  This has a plastic dial that attached to a solid,  smooth surface.   This could be the fridge or the bathroom medicine cabinet.. Once you take your pill, you turn the dial to the current day .  This will let you know if and when you last took your pill.

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