Life-Saving Med-Q Medication Reminder with Alarms

Attention Grabbing FLASHING LITE-BOX guides your Loved One to Exact Right Dose

Automatic Pill Dispensers Blasting Audio Alarms Tells Loved Ones it’s Pill Time

Electronic Pill Box with alarms will Repeats every 30 Minutes until the Pills Have Been Taken

Med-Q Medication Reminder with Alarms is the Solution to Medication

Try America’s #1 Medication Reminder with Alarms

Try the best Medication Reminder with Alarms  in your own personal home, One Hundred Percent with out any Risk.  The Programmable Medication Reminder  is way more than an old fashion pill holder.  Med-Q Medication Reminder does the remembers for you!    The fact of the matter,  Assisted Living costs have more than skyrocketed in the last 5-10n years (CLICK TO SEE YOUR specific STATES COSTS).  Med-Q is the best Smart Pill Reminder with alarms that willheklp keep your  loved ones in their own homes.  With Med-Q Smart Pill Reminder there is  no need to put loved ones into assisted living.  Just try the Smart Pill reminder and see for your self.   Med-Q is much more than an old, out dated  pill holder or a dumb pill box.  To sum up, Med-Q is America’s #1  Pill Holder that you can give your Mom or Dad.  Med-Q says, “money can buy.  Finally, a pill reminder to make sure the user takes their prescriptions medications and vitamins.”

medication reminder with alarms
medication reminder with alarms


medication reminder with alarm
medication reminder with alarm

senior citizen

Take Control of Your Health of Mom and Dad's  Health

the question to ask yourself, is Med-Q Automatic Medication Reminder America’s #1 Pill Holder?  Every one knows that Forgetting your pills is not like forgetting where you set down your cars key or forgetting to  take out the garbage.   Med-Q Smart Pill Reminder uses triple audio and visual alarms to prevent Forgetting .  The cutting edge design will also prevent  over-Dosing.  The Med-Q Smart PillBox remembers your medication so you don’t have to. The Amazing new Medication Organizer often will  mean the difference in a senior's Quality of Life.  In an extreme case, it can mean the difference between life and death.  Pill Holder  alarms virtually eliminate forgetting prescription medicine.  Med-Q Automatic t Pill Box will solve your  problem once and for all!pill box testimonials

Get a Med-Q Medication Reminder and keep Loved Ones Error Free

Great for the Hearing Impaired men and women

hearing impauredMed-Q takes into account people with hearing problems.  In fact, one of the challenges for the design team was  for peple who have  Hearing Impairment.  The goal was to make a smart organizer with alarms that would keep  Loved Ones with hearing problems on their medication schedule.   People whose hearing was reduced to the point of not being able to hear the Pill boxes beeping alarms.  The FLASHING LED LITE-BOX is the best answer.  The flashing is  the prefect solution. The user no longer needs to really on Sound,, as now they now can see the dose..

ATTENTION All CAREGIVERS:  Med-Q Medication Boxes and watch Stress Disappear

Caregiving is not easy.  In fact it is one of the most under-appreciated job.  If you will use the Med-Q's Cutting Edge Design, it will be like taking a  break for the Caregiver.  Try to see what it would like to  have a  having a Live-In-Nurse at Medication time to help you.  That is why Med-Q Smart Pill Box is the Caregivers' Best Friend.  The Smart Pill Reminder remembers for you. The modern Pill holder can mean the difference between Life and death.  The triple alarms will  eliminate forgetting prescription medicine as well as take 2.3.4 or more pills at one time.  The smart Pill reminder use alarms to to take the medication remembering responsibility off the Caregiver.  A smart Pill Reminder with alarms is needed for art-

Med-Q Pill Reminder with it’s LITE-BOX FLASHING LED LITE-BOX means Health and Independence

Med-Q Pill Reminder gives Loved Ones the gift of the Independence as well as the Quality of Life they so deserve in their Golden Years.Try Med-Q Risk Free at home.  See how a programmable pill dispenser with alarms can help you prevent Physical, Emotional and Financial Crisis that is caused by Medication Mistakes

Why are seniors non-compliant, the don’t have the smart pill box with alarms.  Our Smart Pill boxes are way more than an old Fashion Pill Holder.  Finally a pill holder that is also a pill reminder.  Picking out a Smart Pill Organizer as the first decision to be made on the Alzheimer’s Journey.   Med-Q Smart Pill Reminder is the best first decision. The responsibility of taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s can be overwhelming.  The Best Pill Box with alarms reduces Caregiver’s Stress & Worry.  Imagine if a pill holder made it so you didn’t worry about remembering to give them their pills.  Early and Middle stages  use the smart pill organizer themselves.  A Smart Pill Reminder does more than a pill holder.

Everybody Knows Someone who Needs a Med-Q Pill Box Reminder Machine.

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