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Med-Q Electronic Pill Reminder for Dad’s Meds

Med-Q Electronic Pill Reminder for Dad


Med-Q Electronic Pill Reminder for Dad Keeps him at home

Med-Q Electronic Pill ReminderRobert S.  was stressing over putting his 85-year-old Father in a Nursing residence.  Robert’s father has had 2 ER visits in the last 10 weeks drug errors.  His father was using a pill organizer that didn’t remind him to take his prescription.  It was not an  Electronic Pill Reminder with alarms or any kind of pill reminder.

Electronic Pill Reminder for dad comes with Triple Alarms

An old fashion Pill Organizer is nothing more than a pill box.  There isn’t a way to tell Dad to take his medication.  The MED-Q Electronic Pill Reminder has a triple alarm reminder system that will solve that problem.   This Medication timer with its Audio and Visual alarms makes forgetting and overdosing virtually impossible for Robert’s dad.

Dad Forgetting Medication

Electronic Pill ReminderThe American College of Preventive Medicine says 25 % of nursing homes admits are premature.    The  ACPM says, “The #1 cause, medication errors. ”    Steven said about his Dad, ” We were ready to put Dad in a home until we tried the MED-Q Smart Pillbox with alarms.  We set the alarms go off at 8 AM and 10 PM every day.  Dad hasn’t missed a dose in over three-months. We stopped looking at nursing homes and he is doing fine at home.” This is a typical Electronic Pill Reminder with alarms  success story.  You can expect the same results if mom forgetting pills has become a problem.

The Med-Q Pill Organizer for Dad is a better way.

Current ways of reminding loved one.

  • electronic pill reminder for dad
    electronic pill reminder for dad

    An Old fashion Plastic 7 day pill box simply don’t work

  • Telephone reminders from Family and Friends only cause frustration
  • Daily home visits from caregivers is expensive and intrusive
  • Posti-Notes are ineffective and confusing and make the problem worse
  • These are old fashion and don’t work.
  • Medication errors to cause 125,000 deaths per year.

Other statistics:

  • 50% to 90% make errors
  • People with chronic conditions only take  half of their pills
  • Blood Pressure Medication errors are 40-50%

Rates haven’t changed in the last 3 decades reported as reported by the Institute of Medicine.

 Med-Q Auto Pill Organizer with alarms is more than a pillbox.  smart pill reminder

Med-Q pill reminder is a simple, reliable and affordable solution to medication errors.  An Automatic Pill Organizer is the Easy answer to keeping loved ones at home and out of nursing homes.The Best Pill Reminder. MedQ Pill Organizer to the Rescue Now it’s your turn to take care of them.Med-Q Electronic Pill Reminder

Med-Q Electronic Pill Reminder

Electronic Pill Reminder to the rescue.

Place your pills in the spacious, individual, easy to open/close daily Pill Boxes. Set you Personal times, “once or twice a day” and Our Pill Box will use LED-LITE-BOX technology to make this Pill reminder the solution to forgetting.   Med-Q automatic Pill Reminder uses it’s repeating Triple Alarms. Reminds and Guides. You can make forgetting, double/triple dosing or even worse a thing of the past.





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