Med-Q Smart Pill Box

MED-Q Electronic Pill Dispenser with timer and lock

Smart New Electronic Pill Dispenser with timer and lock is not always needed

Alternatively, Med-Q Medication Compliance System

In all honesty, the Best Electronic Pill Dispenser with timer and lock.Finally, Med-Q electronic pill box with timer & alarm is the Best Pill Box.  Med-Q solves Medication Errors.  Furthermore, ?Med-Q Medication reminder seniors can put an end to FORGETTING AND MISS-DOSING for the elderly.

Modern Electronic Pill dispenser with timer

med-q electronic pill dispenser
med-q electronic pill dispenser

MED-Q electronic Pill Dispenser is exactly what??   The simple answer, an Electronic medication reminder is an  method of managing senior’s prescription medications.   First of all, “Medication will not work if not take properly.”  That is to say, medication reminders have been created to take responsibility of remembering to take prescriptions and supplements.  Specifically,  as directed by one’s personal health care provider.

By the same token, all electronic pill dispensers with timer and lock are not created equal.

med-q electronic pill dispenserMoreover, personal research is need to pick the pill dispenser with timer and lock that is best for frail family members.  Consequently, society is screaming for medical costs to come down.  Considering this, congress has been making demands for a complete over haul of the USA’s health care system.

By the same token, the need to accommodate our aging population is growing according to doctors.  Additionally fear is not having enough Medical coverage.  Not to mention that the elderly don’t know that medication errors add over 200 billion dollars to the cost of health care.  Meanwhile the problem is that the elderly are forgetting to take their prescription pills.

In fact, Up to 70% of Men and Women make errors.  If over the age of 65 they take their prescriptions improperly .  This has been claimed by scientist. A full 30% of medication users have been found to be not taking them at all.  To sum up, the last 35% are not taking them as prescribed by one’s personal health care professional.

The problem has been labeled, America’s second drug problem”

Non-compliance is the medical term for not taking medication as directed. Shockingly, this issue leads to 10-15 percent of all Emergency Room and hospital visits. Even worse, 25-30 Percent of all nursing home and assisted living facilities admissions are premature.  In fact, they are unnecessary.

Why a smart pill dispenser for elderly individuals

An Electronic Pill Dispenser for medication compliance is needed by seniors.  Med-Q electronic pill dispenser with alarms and timer means seniors will not forget to take  life saving medications.  In fact, the average seniors take 6-7 pills every single day.  In addition, many need to take pills 2,3 4 times each day.    These may be taken at different time.  Some more than once a day.  Others with some type of foodstuff.

The different doses and the varied frequency makes it difficult to keep track. It is very confusing,  Some take 2 meds 4 times per day.  Othere  have 3 daily doses.  An finally a third is taken every third day.  In a like manner, it is easy it is to become confused with meds. Above all, an electronic Pill Dispenser with timer and lock or some type of smart pill box or pill holder can provide the help that seniors desperately require.  It is truly a matter of life and death.

Pills can save you life but if taken wrong, they can kill

Electronic Pill Dispenser with timerFurthermore, taking your medication wrong can have the exact opposite effects.  Prescription Medication Mistakes are more than just  a confusing matter.  This is not like forgetting to take out the trash.  People don’t end up in the ER from forgetting where they left the TV remote.  In fact, medication mistakes ( Medical Non-Compliance) can and is often deadly

In addition, in 2015 medication errors is became #3 leading cause of preventable deaths.  This falls behind Heart disease and Cancer.  How can you prevent these premature deaths?  Of course, using a smart pill reminder. There are many different types of pill boxes or medication reminders for purchase. These Pill Holders usually consist of a series of individual daily pill compartments.  Each pillbox will hold each day/time’s pills. Theses are the same type of pill boxes that has been used for 100’s of years. Modern technology has provided a new type of electronic pill dispenser with timer and lock.  Particularly important for elderly use.

mom forgetting pillsGrandma’s Old Fashion Pill Box organizer.

These are generally designed for a 7 day period (week) as well as types that are for 4 weeks. The pill organizer has with compartments that hold the dose in a box marked with the day. Many individuals will have their pharmacist fill the pill organizer for them.  Consequently, this makes it easier for the senior.  Cheap plastic are priced uder 5 dollars..  For example these are basic.  Moreover there are no frill.  The same is true with a  pill organizer.

Electronic Pill Dispenser with alarm.

Most seniors are experiencing  problems recalling their medications.  The condition is called “Age Induced medication Mistakes”.  AIMM’s is a normal part of aging.  This condition is not to be confused with dementia as well as Alzheimer’s.

alarm pill box reminderA new generation of Pill Reminders has made guiding and reminding simple.  The new age of smart pill reminders will end the non-compliance problem.   A Smart medication reminder like the Med-Q electronic Pill dispenser uses triple alarms to  Accordingly tit reminds the user when it’s time to take their pills.   The alarms have both audo as well as visual reminders.  It costs less than 70 dollars.  There is no monthly monitoring fees.

When remembering to take pills is a problem

pill dispenser with timerMedelert organizer gives you an alarm or a visual reminder can help. smart pill reminder for momMedELert Automatic Pill Dispenser with Alarm and lock.  It has a small blinking LED.  It’s alarm tones won’t turn off until the unit is tilted.  People take  pills for the given dose from the locked unit  that prevents tampering with the prescriptions.

Prepackaged prescription medication services.

Companies offering this service coordinate all prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and even vitamins and deliver a supply of pills packaged in individual packets and marked for each dose of each day. Often arranged in a long, perforated strip in a container box.  The user just pulls the right packet off the medication dispenser strip. One such service is called the Daily Med.

Sponsored by Med-Q Electronic Pill Dispenser with timer and lock Medication monitoring services.

For many the only way to be sure a loved one has taken their meds is to see it yourself.  This will not work if taking three or more pills a day.This is hard if living in the same home.  This is made worse if there is a distance issue.  To illustrate, living across the country.   Fortunately, a variety of monitoring services has emerged recently to bring peace of mind and assure that pills are being taken on schedule.

Many of these systems use wireless communication, the internet and/or telemonitoring to ascertain if medication was properly taken.    They are usually subscription-based services with a monthly charge and possibly the upfront cost of the pill dispenser unit.

A variety of features are available

Besides many pill reminder will include  patient reminders provided only if the meds are not taken on time.  For example,  using any combination of lights, beeps, phone alerts, emails and text messages; remote monitoring.  In addition to immediate notifications to caregivers.  There are 2  ways to refill the pillbox every month.  It can be done manually or you can use the pre-filled medication tray. All one needs is an electrical outlet as well as  wireless coverage. Twelve-hour rechargeable batteries come installed in case of a power outage. You don’t need a computer, but if you do have one and can access the internet, you or a caregiver can use it to set up the medication schedule online.

Med-Q Electronic Pill Dispenser with timerpill dispenser with timer and lock

MED-Q pill dispenser with timer and lock

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