electronic pill box with timer and alarm

MED-Q electronic pill dispenser with alarm

Med-Q electronic pill dispenser with alarm for Alzheimer’s caregivers

An electronic pill dispenser with alarm will reduce caregivers workload.

Being a caregiver for someone with Alzheimer’s is a challenge. Use the  Med-Q electronic pill dispenser with alarm to reduce the chances of errors. Alzheimer’s forgetting medication can cause serious issues. Lightening your workload without having to worry that mom forgetting pills or dad forgetting medication makes your job much easier.

Use the Medication Box to take care of yourself first.

Alzheimer caregivers frequently report high levels of stress. Here are some tips that have been recommended by the Alzheimer’s Association as a Caregiver’s Stress test.  Med-Q electronic pill dispenser with alarm Manages your level of stress.

Stress can have very bad effects on your body (head aches, depression,stomach aches, high blood pressure) — and your emotions (overeating, irritability, loss of sleep and loss of patients). It is very important to find ways to release your stress and learn how to just relax.

Have realistic expectations and results.

med-q electronic pill dispenserThe care you give will improve the quality of life for your loved one. It will make a difference. You do need to understand many behaviors can’t be controlled. Grieve the losses, focus on positive times as they arise, and enjoy good memories.

MED-Q Medication Dispenser with Alarms means not feeling guilty.

It’s normal to lose patience or feel like your not doing a good job. FORGET THAT KIND OF THINKING. You’re doing the best you can. For support and encouragement, join ALZ Connected, our online caregiver community.

Take time for yourself.

Everyone need help. It’s normal to need a break from care giving duties. No one can do it all by themselves no matter how hard they try. . Look into respite care to allow time to take care of yourself.

Accept the changes.

Eventually your loved one will need more intensive kinds of care. Look into care options now so you are ready for the changes as they occur.  Use a Med-Q electronic pill dispenser with alarm to help the sufferer to keep on a proper medication schedule. Make sure you help them with the medication alarm clock if there skills have diminished to the point where they no longer understand how to use a medication box or pill box.medication reminder alarms

A medication box is a tool for caregivers to reduce their stress and workload.

MED-Q Smart Pill box with alarms can make a impact of both the Alzheimer’s suffer and their caregivers quality of life.  Med-Q  electronic pill dispenser with alarm and pill reminder in one. This timer pill box is a medication box with alarm works. If worried about mom forgetting pills or dad forgetting medication or Alzheimer’s forgetting medication. Lite-Box technology means a Smart Pillbox that that is a pill clock.pillbox

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