Med-Q electronic pill box with timer & alarm

MED-Q electronic pill box with timer and alarm

Med-Q electronic pill box with timer and alarm

Brilliant Med-Q electronic pill box with timer and alarm helps Grandma and Grandpa

electronic pill box with timer alarm
electronic pill box with timer alarm

Amazing Med-Q Medication Compliance System is the Modern solution.  Med-Q electronic pill box with timer and alarm is the Pill Box that solves Medication Errors.  ?Med-Q  Medication Compliance System means no more FORGETTING AND MISS-DOSING.  Med-Q smart pill box with timer & alarm for Grandma and Grandpa’s prescription Medications and Supplements

Are we in our 80’s already.

Smart Pill Dispenser for deaf
Med-Q is the Smart Pill Dispenser for deaf people

Grandma’s birthday is coming up soon. Both Grandparents have a condition called AIMM’s (Age Induced medication Mistakes). This condition is going to get worse and worse as they get older. The Out-dated Plastic 7 day Pill Box that they were using was causing one mistake after another. Seniors need an electronic pill box with timer or a some type of automatic medication dispenser with alarm. A good pill reminder will keep both of them on the proper medication schedule.

It will happen to Your Friends and Family Members.

The problem is the act that the prescription medication that they are taking are critical to maintaining good health and physical independence. First of all this also apply to maintain one’s independence. Second of all, Grandma forgetting meds or Grandpa forgetting prescription pills and supplements leads to shocking consequences.  Finally even a fatality. This being said, Mom Forgetting Pills is no Small problem. Hence the need for the Med-Q electronic pillbox with alarm and timer.

electronic pill box with timer alarm
Med-Q electronic pill box with timer and alarm

How big is the Medication Non Compliance Problem

Moreover, the Wall Street Journal has called prescription medication Over-Dosing problem, “America’s Other drug problem”. ?Grandpa and Grandma keep forgetting to take their prescription meds and all of their vitamins.  By the same token ,this can be solved very easily. Thee Med-Q Electronic Pill box with alarm and timer is the solution to the problem. Simple put, Med-Q is the Smart pill box with alarm. Did you know that the average senior that is over 65 will be trying to remember 7-10 prescription pills and vitamins each and every per single day.

It goes without saying, this number will not include any vitamins or OTC Pills (Over the Counter). Grandpa is not remembering to to his medications. It can be said that forgetting will make the current problems worse.

electronic pill box with timer alarm
electronic pill box with timer alarm

These may actually manifest into some other health issues.

Any type of programmable pill box with alarms as well as a pill reminder with alarm is needed for Grandpa’s life saving pills. Modern Technology offers up different types of electronic pill dispensers with alarm and timers for you to choose from.medication dispenser machines for your Grandma and Grandpa.

Telephone Medication Reminder services for Grandma

There are phones your daily pill reminder services. They make a phone call you at the time you need to take their pills. Grandpa is over dosing on her pills, so it is not likely that this service will give the needed help. This being said, it is not that easy for this quick fix to work. With the pill reminder telephone calls over 30% of the time grandpa still isn’t taking his pills.

The reason vary from, “I will take them later” to getting distracted and then forgetting altogether. Mom forgetting meds can also lead to over dosing if she is trying to play catch up. Over dosing can lead to a ER visit or even worse.

Med-Q electronic pill box with timer alarm timer

Med-Q is the best electronic pill box with timer and an alarm for your loved one.  First, MED-Q is able to hold 320 pills.  Second, When a medication is due, an alert reminds the user.  The device will trigger flashing LITE-Box guides.  No matter the patient’s medication regimen, Med-Q Smart Pill Box is the best medication management solution.

What Is TabSafe?

TabSafe is the easy-to-use, effective solution for managing medications yet can accommodate even the most complex schedules. The security features and online reporting mean peace of mind for the user, family and caregivers. Improving medication adherence to over 96% leads to increased wellness and independence.


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