Best Programmable pill box alarm

Med-Q: BEST electronic pill dispenser with alarm

Med-Q: The Best electronic pill dispenser with alarm

Best pill dispenser with alarm
MED-Q pill dispenser with alarm

What is the Best electronic pill dispenser with alarm

Why do seniors need the best electronic Pill Dispenser With Alarm?  First, Taking medications incorrectly results in 125,000 premature annual deaths.  Second, more than 1,000,000 hospitalizations in the U.S. in 2014.

Med-Q  is the best electronic pill dispenser with alarm.  Perfect for your loved ones. The Med-Q smart pill box is able to  can accommodate most medication schedules. When a pill is to be taken,  an audio alert reminds the user.   Finally, take the pills in the flashing medication box.  To sum up, no matter the senior’s medication regimen, MED-Q is your best prescription medication management solution.

MED-Q is your best prescription and supplement  reminder solution.

First, MED-Q  is easy-to-use.  Second, it is the , effective solution for managing medications. Third, Med-q is able to easily  accommodate  most medication regiments. The repeating alarms feature mean peace of mind for the user.  In addition, peace of mind for family as well as caregivers. Improving medication adherence to over 92 percent will lead to  to increased wellness.  To sum up, better quality of life and more independence.

electronic pill dispenser with alarm

What is the MED-Q the Best electronic pill dispenser with alarm?

The Amazing MED-Q  is a personal medication management system.

Pills will be securely stored.  They will be dispensed on at specific time

smart pill box with alarms

periods.  The cutting edge design will help to eliminate  the most typical prescription errors, and therefore increase the wellness and independence of its users.

  • Who should Use the Smart Medication Dispenser with Alarm?
    Anyone who takes medications that are important to their health and well-being. This includes seniors and anyone taking multiple medications that need to be taken at different times of the day.
  • Why should a Medication Dispenser be used?
    53 Percent of prescription medication  is taken incorrectly.  Hence, over 125,000 deaths per year.  Furthermore, leads to over 1,000,000 annual hospitalizations.  In fact,  elderly non-adherence accounts for 34-40 Percent of all the hospital admits.  These are preventable problems and the Best Medication Dispenser with alarm is the best pillboxes
  • Is The MED-Q covered by health insurance?
    For example, Med-Q is covered with a written prescription for your healthcare professional.

What is the cost the the Best Pill Box for Caregivers

To illustrate,  many MED-Q users save money by staying out of assisted Living.  A independent settings saves thousands.  Hence,  MED-Q has a retail, price of $99.95.What makes MED-Q unique?

  • First, Flashing LITE-BOX technology is the biggest improvement.  Second, the LED will illuminate ONLY the compartment holding that times pills.  Third, no decisions means No mistake.  Finally, coupled with a repeating alarm, you can expect 95% plus compliance rates.
  • Is MED-Q easy to use?
    It sure is. First, simply fill individual pillbox compartments with your pills and supplements,  Second, medication  program your medication schedules.  Third, wait for pill time.
  • How the best electronic pill dispenser with alarm programmed?
    MED-Q is programmed right on the screen.  Hence, No need to visit websites to enter all scheduling information.  To sum up, a couple of quick button presses and you are now set.
  • How does the user know when to take prescriptions?
    To illustrate, the smart pill box will notify you 2 ways.  First, a flashing Light box guide.  Moreover, a second a blasting alarm that keeps getting louder and louder.
  • How does the user know if they have taken his/her medicine?
    Again, Med-Q will repeat it’s 5 minute alarm cycle every 30 minutes until the pills have been taken

The list of Features goes on and on

  • What if someone forgets to take medication? 
    Caregivers love this feature.  If the user dos not take the pills, med-q will  repeat it’s alarms every 30 minutes.  First, this will continue until the pills have been taken.  Second, a compliance rate of 98% has been achieved with in 1.5 hours of pill time.
  • What if my loved one will be away and they want to take the medication with them?
    Hence, Med-Q has been designed with flexibility in mind.  For example, each daily pill box is removable.  Furthermore,  small enough to fir in a purse or a pocket.

Try  the Best electronic pill dispenser with alarm Risk free

Best pill dispenser with alarm
Best pill dispenser with alarm

You can try the best electronic pill dispenser with alarm in your own home risk free.

Again, if the smart pill box doesn’t solve the problem, return it for a 100% refund,  However, we are sure that Med-Q is the solution. In conclusion, Med-Q remembers so you don’t have to.   First, How can I get a MED-Q? The 21st century Pill Dispenser  has a network of distributors.  By the same token. MED-Q offers a  24/7 customer service line.  Please, Contact MED-Q at or 602 488 4099.  To sum up, MED-Q will help you determine if MED-Q will fix current medication challenge.

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