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MED-Q Automatic Pill Reminder saves you a fortune

MED-Q Automatic Pill Reminder is your best Friend

Med-Q Automatic Pill Reminder is a medication box and pill timer.

Med-Q Automatic Pill ReminderFinally a smart Automatic Pill Reminder, Pill Organizer and Pill dispenser , all rolled up in one.    The “NEW” Automatic Pill reminder has gotten great reviews form our users..  They are saying, “Why didn’t you come up with this before.  I never worry about taking my medications anymore”EATURES Video     

Med-Q is a great Alzheimer’s Helper

Med-Q Automatic Pill ReminderFirst, According to the Alzheimer’s Association, an auto pill dispenser should be your first decision in dealing with Alzheimer’s medications.Second,  The irony is that when they need the medication the most, is the time that they will make more mistakes.

Moreover forgetting pills is bad, but overdosing can be even worse. In addition Medication mistakes lead to 10% of all hospital visits. Subsequently, Med-Q  was designed to help manage the Alzheimer’s journey.  

Most Seniors suffer from AIMM’s 

This is Age Induced Medication Mistakes.  This is a problem that will get worse as the aging process continues.  It is normal.  By the same token, if you take precautions, like an automatic pill dispenser, you have nothing to worry about.

The Right Pill at the Right Time

pill reminder for seniors
MED-Q pill reminder for seniors

First of all, Med-Q Automatic Pill Reminder Saves More than Lives.  Second of all, Med-Q Automatic Pill Dispenser mean more than perverting mom forgetting pills or dad forgetting medication.  Furthermore, Third of all, Med-Q  Auto Pill Reminder saves 10’s if not 100’s of thousands of dollars.   CLICK HERE  to see your State’s Assisted Living Costs..  In fact, every day that your Med-Q  keeps your loved ones at home and Independent you will save big dollars.

Med-Q Medication Reminder Uses Triple Alarms

To illustrate, the Bright LED Lite-Box will start flashing in the individual box holding the pills that need to be taken.  The Lite-Box is a  bright red LED  LIGHT that will flash at the times you have set.   This means no mistakes.  Notably, the flashing LITE-BOX there is an alarm that gets louder and louder until the pills are taken.  To sum up, a “Smart” Pill Reminder that actually works.

smart pill reminder
MED-Q smart pill reminder

MedQ Smart Pill Box provides Valuable Information and Tips on Our BLOG.     Please share YOUR MED-Q Pill Box Experiences with Us.

Experiencing Caregiver Burnout??

Did you know ,according to the FDA, PREVENTABLE Medication Mistakes leads to a SHOCKING 250 thousand deaths Per Year in the US. This is 3rd to Cancer and Heart Disease. Med

Med-Q  Pill Reminder with Flashing and Beeping Alarms

The Automatic Pill Dispenser Is to be used by your loved ones.  Caregivers using this Pill Reminder  have made of medication management so much easier.  Where else can such a small investment have such a huge impact on everyone’s lives?Pill Reminder

MedQ Smart Pill Reminder with Flashing and Beeping Alarm is  very user friendly.

  MedQ is an affordable, 21st century technology designed to address the problems of AIMM’s (Age Induced Medication Mistakes)   Med-Q  can be seen on these websites: American Red Cross, AARP  and American Heart Association.Med-Q smart pill organizer  To sum up, Med-Q is the smart pill reminder with pill reminder

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