Med-Q Automatic Pill Dispenser for mom’s best choices

 Med-Q Automatic Pill Dispenser for Mom is a big decision

Med-Q Automatic Pill Dispenser Could Allow Your Parents to Age at Home

Devices give older people the opportunity to avoid or delay the nursing-home decision

Why is Med-Q Automatic Pill Dispenser for mom's  the best choice? Is new technology able to remotely take care of your loved ones?  A automatic pill dispenser can keep people happily aging in place.

First, Eric Phil lips used to call his Mom three or four times a day.  Second, making sure that she had taken her prescription medications and OTC pills. Eric was stressed as well as worried.  To sum up, Mom (84-year-old),  has Alzheimer's disease.

Med-Q Automatic Pill Dispenser
America's Best Smart Pill Dispenser with LITE-BOX Guides and Blasting Alarms

However, Eric bought the smart pill dispenser for MED-Q.

Eric has found peace of mind in a sleek system called the "Med-Q Medication Compliance system". It has flashing guides and blasting alarms.  Hence, no more dangerous forgetting and over dosing.  Eric put the Pill reminder on his mom's the microwave..

America's #1 Pill Dispenser with alarms and LITE-Box Guides

What makes Med-Q different for the other pill reminders?  The smart Pill Dispenser was created by a team of nurses.  Their ER experience was incorporated into the clever design.

Denise RN: " I got tired of patients getting health and going home and coming back in a week for not taking their meds.  it was so frustrating"

Med-Q Automatic Pill Dispenser
Med-Q Automatic Pill Dispenser

To sum up, using  Med-q's brilliant technology lets Eric feel confident and secure that his Mom will be able to stay in her home longer. A dazzling array of new technology is giving older people more confidence in their ability to live alone

Med-Q Smart Pill Dispenser alarm system is helping families avoiding moving an aging parent  to a nursing facility.

"Smart" technology such as smartphone monitoring apps and smart pill dispensers are making aging in place possible.  Hence, a viable option for an growing number of seniors.

"MED-Q is letting me to stay on my own as long as I can — I would like to die right here in my own home," said Bessie Phillips of Columbus, OH, who celebrated her 93 birthday in May.

First, There are devices to track things other than prescription medications and supplements.  For example,  Alzheimer's wandering, activity — or inactivity  sensors.  Another example, in the house, falls and real-time health information.  Seniors and their caregivers are using mobile press-the-button emergency response tech systems.

  • Called PERS, and GPS location tracking,

Family and caregivers are able to monitor parents or aging friends at home or  on walks.  "We are in a new era of low-cost, miniaturized, technological capabilities.  These ideas make things smarter.  Smarter care giving  means better outcomes for all involved.  To sum up, technology leads to greater independence," says Nancy O'Brien, an aging-in-place technology expert. It's currently a $2 billion industry.  To sum up,  O'Brien expects it to rise to $30 billion by 2020.

Family Caregivers a part of  Medication Management

Bevery of the 42% of U.S. adults age 84 and over who live alone.  Furthermore,  35% of those 65-plus live alone.  This being said, 4 in 10 U.S. adults caring for an adult or child with major health issues.  In addition,  5,2 - 6.8 million long-distance caregivers.  We can all agree, the potential tech market is vast.

 Reminder Pill Alarm Clock 

electronic pill box with alarm



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