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MED-Q Automatic Pill Dispenser with alarms Reviews

Med-Q Automatic Pill Dispenser with alarms Reviews


Med-Q automatic pill dispenser with alarms 

automatic pill dispenser with alarmsMed-Q automatic pill dispenser with alarms can help you choose the best medication reminder for your loved one.  The need for a smart pill box with alarms can not be understated.  First of all, Did you know that medication errors are the number 3 leading cause of death (Heart, #1, Cancer, #2).  Second of all, Seniors have a condition  that the medical field has called Age Induced Medication Mistakes (AIMM’s),.  Finally, this is just one of the reasons elderly people need a modern prescription medication as well as supplement reminder. 

It can even even said that this is the key to good health. 

 Another issue you need to take into account is senior’s loss of hearing .    Med-Q Auto pillbox reminder has offer-up a side by side comparison of three of the top selling pill dispensers.  A modern pill box is a very personal choice that can have life or death consequences.

We try to give you accurate information as it was provided by manufacturers and has not been verified by Med-Q Pill Reminder Box with AlarmsMED-Q automatic pill dispenser with alarms


The Medlert is a round Pill Box

This Automatic Pill Dispenser with alarms will help you remember and show you the right pills.  The pill box will spin to the slot holding that times pills.   You can program up to 4 daily reminder.  Not great for Alzheimer’s or dementia suffers as it requires much had eye coordination.

  • you can pour out  the right pills when the alarm goes off
  • Audible alarms and led will notify the user. It can be set for six pill reminders per day
  • Depending on how many pills a day you are taking , it will max out  at fourteen days
  • Powered with four 4 Double A batteries smart pill box with alarms

Medical Center Pill reminder

The  Medical  Center Pill Reminder  is able to tell the user  when it’s prescription medication time.  The Automatic Pill Dispenser with alarms tries to keep you taking your medication as prescribed by your doctor.   An Automatic Pill Dispenser assist you with making sure you are taking your medication properly.  The goal is to make your pills part of your daily routine.  It is a fact that a smart pill box with alarms will help seniors stay independently for as long as possible. A good pill organizer with alarms  gives loved ones peace of mind. 

The individual pill box  compartments are designed with four compartments.

The compartments have numbers on the top. These numbers are for the days of the week.  The user will then put that day’s pill box at the  front of the reminder.
When the alarm sounds, they  take the  pills in the individual 4 part container.  This is repeated each and every single day.    The Medication Boxes with Talking  Alarm  makes it more than a pill organizer or an old fashion pill box.  

automatic pill dispenserMed-Q Automatic Pill Dispenser with alarms

Med-QAutomatic Pill Dispenser with alarms  uses “cutting Edge” technology to virtually eliminate forgetting your medications.  Med-Q PillBox was designed with Registered nurse input to make a medication reminder that actually work

When it is time to take your pills, Med-Q will guide to to the exact compartment, holding that exact dose.  The Med-Q motto, “No decisions means no Mistakes“.  One of the favorite caregiver’s feature is that the pillbox will repeat it’s every 30 minutes until your loved ones have taken their pills.  The 30 day money back guarantee is exercised less that 0.5% of the time.  Elderly and care givers love their Med-Q Automatic Pill Dispenser with alarms.

Try the Best Pill Dispenser with Alarms with it’s LITE-BOX Technology at home risk free

If is doesn’t solve your medication problems, simple return it for a 100% refund.  This being said, The floks at Med-Q Medication Management System know that you will will love your Med-Q and wonder how your ever lived with out it. “Med-Q Remembers so you don’t have to”. Hopefully,  the Automatic Pill Dispenser  with alarms data were of assistance.automatic pill dispenser



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