MED-Q Auto pill dispenser for alzheimer’s patients

MED-Q Auto pill dispenser for alzheimer’s patients

MED-Q Auto pill dispenser for alzheimer’s patients 

MED-Q Auto pill dispenser for alzheimer’s patients MED-Q Auto pill dispenser for alzheimer’s patients Confusion About time or Place

For Examples,  Elderly making Statements like “I want to go home now!”, “This is not my medication.”.  Another example,  “When are we going to leave”,  or  “Why are we still here?”

First, A good Explanation. Wanting to go back to their home is common,  In fact,  the most common request for an Alzheimer’s or dementia sufferer who are in a memory care facility. Remember that Alzheimer’s causes progressive damage to cognitive functioning, and this is what creates the confusion and memory loss.

First, A good Explanation. Wanting to go home is one of the most common reactions for an Alzheimer’s or dementia patient living in a memory care facility. First of all,  Alzheimer’s will cause the  progressive damage to cognitive brain function.  To sum up,  this is what creates the memory confusion and memory loss.

MED-Q Auto pill dispenser for alzheimer’sThere’s also a psychological component.

“Often people are trying to go back to a place where they had more control in their lives.”

Med-Q Recommend these to Do’s.   Moreover, there are a several different ways to respond to questions.  Hence, these will help  indicate  confusion about where they are.  However, a simple explanations along with photos and other tangible reminders can help,.   This tip has been suggested by the Alzheimer’s Association. Furthermore,  it is often much  better to redirect the individual.  In fact, best in cases if in the process of moving your Family Membber to a facility as well as a different local.

MED-Q Auto pill dispenser for alzheimer’s patients By the same token, best answer is to speak as little as possible.  For example, don’t show that have all of their belongings packed. To illustrate,  redirect them to another activity.  Again,  go for a walk or get something to eat. Questions such as  ‘Why are we going?’ may be asked.   Hence, answer with, ‘We can’t leave until later because:

  • First, the traffic is very bad
  • Second, the forecast is calling for a storm
  • Third, it’s too late to leave tonight, lets wait until morning.

The goal,  figure out what’s going to make the person feel the safest.


 Auto pill dispenser
MED-Q Auto pill dispenser

Give out a Lengthy explanation.  Long winded reasons are not effective.  Cleary, not the way to go.   In light of,  being unable to reason with someone who has Alzheimer’s or dementia,, It just not able to be done.” In fact, says MEd-Q Automatic pill dispenser with alarm,. “Be aware of triggering the response  because of the way the questions are being asking.” To illustrate, another familiar case.  People learn this  the hard way.They tried a particularly long spell.  This was when  every time I came to see my mom, she would have everything packed up ready to go.  They do mean, EVERYTHING!   First of all, I tried to reason with he.   Second of all,  explain that she was home; this was her new home.  Finally,  things got worse and worse.

 Pill Box with Alarms for alzheimer's
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MED-Q Auto pill dispenser for alzheimer’s patients 

The most common Communication difficulties are very upsetting.   Hence, one of the most upsetting aspects of caring for someone with a Dementia or another kind of Alzheimer’s.  Furthermore,  it’s frustrating for those with the disease and for loved ones.

Although it can be hard to understand why people with alzheimer’s act the way they do, the explanation is attributable to their disease and the changes it causes in the brain.

Familiarize yourself with some of the common situations that arise when someone has dementia, so that if your loved one says something shocking, you’ll know how to respond calmly and effectively.    MED-Q Auto pill dispenser for alzheimer’s patients  is the first line of defense for good health and well  being.

pill dispenser for alzheimer's patients
MED-Q pill dispenser for alzheimer’s patients

MED-Q Auto Medication  dispenser for alzheimer’s patients pill dispenser for alzheimer's

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