MED-Q Alzheimer’s pill alarm for Grandma

Alzheimer’s pill alarm for our Mom



Alzheimer's Pill Alarm for Mom success story

automatic pill dispenser with locks for Addiction
automatic pill dispenser with locks for Addiction

Boone IA.  Marty D.)   MED-Q Alzheimer's Pill alarm to the rescue. I couldn't make sure my Mom was taking Alzheimer's pills.   In fact she was messing up with all his pills.  She's 82 and  takes meds for high blood pressure and a COPD.  Mom also takes vitamins and a daily baby aspirin.  We were think of assisted living.  I saw the MED-Q Pill Box with alarm on You Tube.  It was the answer to all of our medication forgetting and overdosing problems for Mom and my Dad also.  Dad was forgetting his medication also.

pill alarm


Marty D is a typical story of the challenges of Alzheimer's

MED-Q Alzheimer's pill alarm can help in the mild or early dementia or Alzheimer's.  It is not uncommon to experience mom forgetting pill or dad forgetting medication.  This could be made worse if the are forgetting depression medication.    How did the MED-Q Pill alarm Clock come to the rescue?  MED-Q is the Smart PillBox.  It uses triple alarms to make forgetting and over dosing virtually impossible.

 Alzheimer's Pill Alarm clock readiness

The ideapill boxes is to get Mom and Dad patient to learn how to use a pill dispenser or pill reminder.  If learned now,  Mom and Dad may be able to do it automatically.   We have found  that at the end of 2 weeks, 90 percent of people are able to use the MED-Q Smart Pill Box with Alarms.

 It helps stay  independent longer  than they might have been able to do on their own. When a Mom or dad  can't take care of themselves by- keeping track of medications,- it may be time for assisted living.   or a move to a situation in which the environment is designed to help.  Click here to Find Memory Care Near You.

The Alzheimer's Association Recommendations

Alzheimer's pill alarm for GrandmaThe Alzheimer associations makes this recommendation.  The very first thing the care giver should implement is a medication strategy.  This is important to intact as soon as possible.  Adding physical illness other than Alzheimer to the mix can make the problem overwhelming.  That is why the Med-Q  Alzheimer's Pill Alarm for mom is so much needed.

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