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Marijuana's health effects

Good, bad about marijuana’s health effects

Most Comprehensive report about marijuana’s health effects

Phoenix, (AZ) — A 20 year study is showing marijuana’s health effects.  Marijuana’s can help ease chronic as well as help men and women sleep better.  This being said, marijuana’s can  raise the risk of getting schizophrenia as well as bringing on a heart attack.   One of the many conclusions about marijuana that  a federal advisory panel released in Thursday report.  What the study called for, More studies!  The experts also called for a national effort to learn more about marijuana and its chemical cousins, including similarly acting compounds called cannabinoids.

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 More Marijuana’s Health Effect studies are needed

marijuana's health effectsThere is void of scientific information regarding Marijuana’s Health Effect, the report was quoted as saying.  It poses a serious risk to the Public health,” said the report .  The report was published by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. Patients, health care professionals and policy makers need more evidence to make sound decisions, it said.

The Limits of Current Research

marijuana'sSeveral factors have limited  the current research that is being undertaken.  This being said,  the federal government has approved some medicines that has the same active  ingredients

Presently, marijuana  is classifies as illegal.  This causes legal restrictions on research that can be done.   The result, researches as well,l as  scientists have to jump through legal and bureaucratic hoop.  The report has shown that these complications have stifled research.s that some find daunting, the report said.

A federal focus on paying for studies of potential harms has also impeded research into possible health benefits, the report said. The range of marijuana products available for study has also been restricted, although the government is expanding the number of approved suppliers.

Twenty-eight states  legalized marijuana

In addition to the 28, 8 of the 28 have  legalized it for recreational use. The study offers over One Hundred conclusions.  The data was complied for assorted studies form the last 20 years.  In any case the evidence showed marijuana’s ability to alleviate pain as well as reduce the  nausea caused by taking chemotherapy to fight cancer.  It was also found to be helpful in treating muscle stiffness and spasms in multiple sclerosis.

Some of the new evidence claims marijuana raises the  appetite in Men and Women  with HIV or AIDS,

Individuals with HIV or Aids will have a loss of appetite. This symptom may happen in conjunction  with nausea, vomiting as well as diarrhea.   At the same time people may not want to eat if they are experiencing symptoms like mouth ulcers as well as a very sore throat.  This will certainly make eating and swallowing more difficult.

It has shown to positively impact post-traumatic stress disorder.  There may be more evidence from a soon to be released study in Colorado is investigating the use of marijuana to treat PTSD.  This being said, research needs to continue in the fields of  treating cancers, heart disease, irritable bowel syndrome, stroke,  epilepsy at the same time helping individuals beat  drug addictions.

Turning to potential harms

— Evidence links to the risk of developing schizophrenia.  The risk grows as usage grows.

— A small increased in the risk of developing or worsening depressive disorders

— There’s strong evidence that using marijuana increases the risk of a traffic accident.  There is no evidence that it promotes workplace accidents or injuries.

— There’sis some weak evidence that it lowers school performance, raises unemployment rates as well as  harming social interactions.

— Smoking pot during pregnancy shows  strong evidence of lower birth weigh.   There’s not insufficient  evidence to determine how it may affect the kids in the future. 

— Some evidence suggests there’s no link to lung cancer in marijuana’s users. But there’s no evidence, or insufficient evidence, to support or rebut any link to developing cancers of the prostate, cervix, bladder, or esophagus.

— Pot smoking is likley to worsen respiratory symptoms  from disease such as as chronic bronchitis.

— There’s weak evidence that suggests smoking marijuana can trigger a heart attack, especially for people at high risk of heart disease.  

— Some evidence suggests marijuana is a gateway drug that can lead to alcohol, tobacco and illicit

Marijuana’s health effects have one area for agreement.  In conclusion, more research on the marijuana’s health effects is needed and the legal question must be addressed.

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