September 3, 2016

Make swallowing Pills Simple


Tricks to make swallowing Pills Simple


Ever hear the expression “a hard pill to swallow” ? Swallowing pills is hard and unpleasant. One third of people gag, throw-up, or choke. It is difficult to take your medication properly with out this new problem thrown into the mix.  swallow food and liquid just fine. The question,  how to make swallowing pills simple.  “Most of the time, people can can swallow. However, many individuals (Up to 30%) have a problem swallowing pills and tablets”,  was reported my Steve Stein, a Register nurse (RN) at Banner Health in Tucson, AZ.

Make swallowing pills simple for the challenged

Here are 2 methods that make swallowing pills simple.


make swallowing pills simple

The soda-bottle style is suited to make swallowing pills simple.
  • Fill a pop bottle  to the very top with fresh water.
  • Place the Pill in your mount, on the very front of your tongue and then pull your lips in around the bottle top.
  • Sip, making sure you keep your lips wrapped around the bottle.  Use gulping to swallow the water and the pill will slide down with it.

Scientists spoke to One Hundred Individuals, with problems taking meds.  They were then tested this style, with  eyes shut, gulping big mouthfuls with very big pills. The outcome, a Sixty Percnt improvement.  Many said it made swallowing pills simple.   This method will make swallowing pills simple  The Old Fashion method of a cup of water needs to be updated.

The People had better success  with the lean-forward method:

swallow pills


This method, a whooping 89%  positive rating compared  to the out dated , “cup of water” method.  You should take note, it is most likely that this will make swallowing pills simple for you if you fall in the 89%.

Make swallowing pills simple is no joke.

Problems with swallowing  pills or prescription medications is termed, ” dysphagia“.  It causes range from nerves, muscles or physiological issues.  Believe it or not,  Twenty Five groupings of muscles work together in your mouth and throat. At the time one swallows, the air passages close and you stop breathing for a second.   Any Problems with any nerves and muscles causes problems.  You can get food and liquid in your lungs.

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