March 28, 2017

Location Devices for Alzheimer’s


5 Lifesaving Location Devices for Alzheimer’s Suffers


Location Devices for Alzheimer’s Suffers

Dementia InnovationsHave you ever been told , “Your elderly family member with Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia has disappeared?” Where did they go?  Are they Safe?Location Devices for Alzheimer’s prevents crisis

Alzheimer’s as well as Dementia and Wandering is no joke. Caregivers are always worried that the Alzheimer’s suffer who may leave the house with out notice.   New Location Devices for Alzheimer’s Suffers helps you Combat the Wandering Worries as well as the safety issues.  Modern Location devices will Track Loved Ones Who Wander.   The best way to prevent your loved one getting lost is to plan in advance.  The planning should included  Lifesaving Location Devices for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patients are winners.

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Alzheimer'sPocketFinder was created ten years ago. 

The founder was a a single parent who worried about the location of her young son.  It was even more important when she wasn’t present.  Pocket finder has the slogan, “If you love it, locate it!”. The pocketfinder can track anything.  Examples of which, luggage, pets, kids as well as senior citizens.  The company carries a range of  technological innovational products. PocketFinder is designed to be the tiny.  In fact it may be the smallest tracker available.  It fits in one’s palm.   It has a battery life up to one .  Pocket finder is great to be able to track Alzheimer’s suffers through a user-friendly smart app.

Revolutionary Tracker

Revolutionary Tracker is a  location based system.  It will help you keep tabs on Alzheimer’s seniors in case they wander. The claims a unparalleled level of functionality, capability as well as simplicity of operation. Their GPS enabled individuals personalized tracking device has a SOS button for emergencies in addition to it’s real-time tracking. This device has the ability to track many people at the same time. It will also syncs directly to the caregiver’s smart phone.

 Comfort Zone Check-In

The Comfort Zone Check-In is from the American  Alzheimer’s Association. There are a coupe of tracking options.  The first one is a tiny device that is put in your pocket as well as a purse.  The other is a cell phone that the Alzheimer’s  person carries with them.  Comfort Zone Check-In has a  monthly subscription fee.   

 Bluewater Security

Bluewater Security tracks seniors with a GPS  watch.  The watch has been created for  seniors with Alzheimer’s as well as dementia. Bluewater Security offers many different type of a wide range of tracking aa well as surveillance equipment. Their smart watch has a panic button in case of an emergency.  The tracking will make it so caregivers can find them if they wander. The watch look just a regular watch.   It works with a receiver so that if the watch leaves a set distance from the receiver, an alarm will sound.

Location Devices for Alzheimer’s
Location Devices for Alzheimer’s

This Location Devices for Alzheimer’s was originally created to help emergency responders

This Medic Alert assists emergency responders  to be able to treat patients who are unable to talk or communicate for themselves.  In addition to EMT’s’ help, it can help track people with Alzheimer’s who wander.  The device is worn as a bracelet.  If the Loved one wanders,  caregivers will call the cops.  They have a 24/7hotline.  In addition to tracking, the bracelet has medical information engraved on the back side.

People often worry about the safety of an elderly loved one, a GPS Locator System ought to offer peace of mind.  GPS tracking lets you monitor the movements of a person in case of an emergency. It allows your family member to continue to lead a normal life while you are assured that their safety—your concern, is well monitored and taken care of.  These top 5 Lifesaving Location Devices for Alzheimer’s Suffers can keep them safe and keep you worry free.

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