November 16, 2016

Living with Alzheimer’s made easier


Living with Alzheimer’s or Dementia is easier with Modern Aids


Living with Alzheimer’s as well as Dementia is more than a challenge.

Theses are two of the Worst Diseases know to Mankind.  The impact on both the individual afflicted with the disease and their family overwhelming   Living with Alzheimer’s as well as Dementia is more than a challenge. The good news is that  modern up-to-date technologies that make living with Alzheimer’s  or dementia journey easier for all the people who are involved.  The new wave of Living with Alzheimer’s aids have been termed “assertive technology” by the medical community. Med-Q Smart pill reminder with alarms suggests these top technical innovations that can be used:


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 Alzheimer’s needs Written or Recorded Medication Reminders

Pill Reminders will assist in living with Alzheimer’s and keeping the dementia sufferers safe.  These are particular helpful when the caregiver is not able to be present.  A typical example of a reminder would be, recording a message that will play ant attempt to remind them that it is pill time.  Another example would be something that will play an audio message.

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pill box with alarms

Dementia Requires a  Pill Reminder Alarm Clock

There are alarm clock that have been configured for Alzheimer’s as well as dementiadementia.   A person who is suffering with  dementia often will confuse night time with day.  Getting them a  simple to read clock will help them know day from night.  An AM/Pm Pill Reminder is also useful in trying to remember to take your prescription medications..

pill reminder
Med-Q Smart Pill Reminder

Pill Reminder for Prescription Medication Control

Making sure that pills are taken properly can be accomplished with a smart pill box or some type of smart pill organizer.  Modern technology  has brought us pill reminders that are a high tech as automated pill reminder.  These pill boxes will beep and flash to remind caregivers and those with Alzheimer’s as well as Dementia to take their medication. There are pill reminders that are a vibrating alarm on a wristwatch.

GPS Tracking Devices

GPS tracking works well for men and women that may start to wander. These new age, devices would be attached to the suffers, which would allow the caregiver to  know if their loved one has wandered off or left the place where they are suppose to be.

Alzheimer’s Pill Reminder

Visual Picture Telephones

People that are no longer able to recall phone numbers can use one of these new types of phones.  Visual Telephones come with over-sized buttons as well as numbers.  The smart phones s come with clear buttons.

 This is where  photos can be put.  This allows the Alzheimer’s or Dementia sufferer to  just push one button to call the person who’s photos appears.

Modern aids are very helpful.

 This being said, Alzheimer’s and Dementia are a horrible occurrence. The disease remains, truly devastating to the individual as well as their family.  The good news, Living with Alzheimer’s or Dementia is easier than ever before by using modern technology for a smart pill box to Satellite tracking


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