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Life Expectancy in the US has Dropped

Life Expectancy in the US has Dropped

Life Expectancy has moved in the wrong direction

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For the first time in more than twenty years, American life expectancy declined in 2015. This is a shocking  new development. Life expectancy  has dropped because of the ever worsening health problems in the US.  Typical examples may be Heat attacks, strokes Diabetes as well as the onset of Alzheimer’s. Non -compliance with medication has a big impact on mortality rates.

Medication errors as simple as forgetting to take one’s pills has a big impact on the worsening tend.   Drug overdoses (Opiod crisis) as well as more common ,medical mistakes as well as  factors  that wee incorporated in the study impact life expectancy.

National Center for Health Stats

This has been shown in the new study released by the National Center for Health Statistics.  Brace yourself for this news. The actual American death rates had a significant t increase in the top 7 leading causes of death in the Country.

An economist at Princeton University,  Anne Case says, “We need to worry about the jump”.   Ms case has been a strong advocate for additional research on the rise in fatalities from heart attack and strokes.  The stats show this the Number 1 killer in the United States, just in from of cancer and medication errors.  She is reporting that medication errors is now the #3 leading cause of premature deaths.

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Just about a year back, newly published research was presented by another economist. Mr. A. Deantin brought worldwide attention to the  new death  statistics with white middle-aged men and women. He has proposed that the drop seems to be caused  by what has been called by the medical community, “diseases of despair” .Typical example of these factors, overdosing on legal and illegal prescription drugs.  It also includes people who are drinking too much alcohol.  Factored in the stats is the number of suicides. The possibility that major illnesses can start to  erode the prospects for  even more Americans.

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Life Expectancy in the US Studies Confirms

life expectancy
life expectancy

The Institute for Social Research located at the Unv of MI uncovered the  increases across the spectrum. Over the past 5-6 years  the death rates were at their lowest point in the last 4 decades. The shocking truth,  life expectancy has dropped by .10 of a year .  In 2014 is was 78.8 and in 015 it dropped to 78.7 .  The last time this has happened  25 years ago in 1993.  That year it dropped from 75.5 to 75.3.  This information was provided by the World Bank data.

Death rates rose for all Caucasian Males and  African American Males.

They study showed that it has  stayed about the same for African American Females.  This is also true for Hispanic Men and Women. The question that was asked, ” what were the  factors that separated Hispanics from the downward trend.   Males were expected to live 76.3 years if the were born in  2015.  This is a reduction from 76.5 in the previous year.   Females can expect to live to the age of 81.2 years.  This too is also lower than the  81.3 age from 2013.

Life expectancy at age 65 did not fall.

This is another sign that illnesses that are behind the lower expectancy will often happen in middle age or even younger then that.   At the age of 65, men can expect to live an additional 18  years.  This being said females survive another 20.6 years.  This is supported by the data.. Infant mortality went up a very little. In fact,  so little that it is not considered  significant.

Heart disease: 635,000 fatalities last year.

This has risen from the 612,000 from 2015. The study also quoted that Cancer kills just over 600,000 in 2015. Tom Friedman is the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He has said that the figures  are skewed because of the increase in American obesity.  This is one of the primary causes of coronary disease.

automatic pill dispenser for seniorsAccidental deaths rose to 146,455 in 2015.  These are made up of things like: drugs and alcohol over-doses, as well as car wrecks.   There was no significant change from the year before. The overdoses from prescription narcotics and heroin has skyrocketed.  Suicides is #10 cause of death, 44,234 in 2014 and then 43,116 in 2015.

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