Is Mom Forgetting Pills becoming a big problem?

Mom Forgetting pills needs a  Smart Pill Box 

Mom Forgetting Pills Is part of AIMM’s (Age Induce Medication Mistakes)

  • Mom Forgetting Pills I
    mom forgetting pills

    First, A “Dumb” pill box is nothing more than a pill organizer

  • second, Telephone Reminders service lead to “I Promise I will take them after I get off the phone and they don’t
  • third,  Home visits every day from Caregivers are Costly and Intrusive
  • Forth, Post-Notes on the Fridge and Alarm make the Problems Worse
  • Finally, a proactive stance on medication managment

Is Mom Forgetting Pills

pill box reminderThat is why the MedQ Smart Pill reminder was Invented. The MedQ’s NURSE INSPIRED design was created to avoid the shocking consequences of medication mistakes.  The World Health Organization states ,”Up to 90% of people make medication mistakes on a regular basis. 

With MedQ, set your own times, “once or twice a day” and  MedQ Smart PillBox repeats it’s Triple Alarms every day.  You can make forgetting, double/triple dosing, or even worse a thing of the past.  

smart pill box

smart pill boxMedQ Smart Pill Box the Rescue

A smart pill box is the best way to avoid mom forgetting pills.  As you Mom ages, the problem will get worse.  It is called AIMM’s (age Induced Medication Mistakes)  TOP TEN HELPER FOR CAREGIVERS ranks a smart pill dispenser as the number #1 tip in medication management.  See more at   CAREGIVERS TIPS  or  ALZHEIMER’S TIPS .  Let MedQ Medication Timer do the work for you.  No more worriers about Mom or Dad  forgetting Pills.


If Mom Forgetting Pills is getting out of control, Try the Med-Q Smart Pill Box in your Home for 30 Days risk free.  You will wonder how you ever lived without kit

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MedQ Smart Pill Box replaces the , Stress, Worry & Wondering that comes with Mom forgetting pills with the Peace of Mind that you are doing the best for Loved Ones

MedQ’s Life Saving Features gives Quality of Life and Independencesmart pill box

If your Mom Forgetting Pills has become a problem you need to act now.

Health and Independence for your Mom is not something to take lightly..  MedQ Smart Pill Dispenser was designed to be  Simple  *  Reliable  *  Affordable.  This is the best solution to Mom Forgetting Pills and Dad forgetting Medication.  Not just an Old fashion  medication box or pill organizer, MedQ has been designed to make mom forgetting pills impossible. 7 day pill box with alarms

Our Nurse Inspired Design and cutting edge technology .

Means no responsibility for the user or their Caregiver to make sure meds have been taken.  MedQ Smart Pill Box to the rescue.  The “All-In-One” medication box is more than a medication timer.  Led Lite-Box Pill Box Cutting Edge design, makes our smart pill reminder unique. pill organizer with alarms


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