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I am having trouble remembering to take my medications.

For example, I forget about two times a week.  First, I have a job.  Second, I have a family to take care of.  Third, I have a social life to keep me going.

In the first place, medication will not work if not taken as prescribed.  Forgetting and double and triple dosing is a deadly mistake.  In fact, Forgetting, Mistakes and Miss-Dosing" is  the 3rd third leading cause of death (#1 heart disease, #2 cancer).  Med-Q Prevents Loved Ones from becoming a Bad Statistic.Is there anything I can do to help me remember to take my pills and supplements?  To sum up, I need a smart medication reminder with alarm and timer.  prescription medication

People having trouble remembering to take medication is common

Altogether, overdosing as well as Forgetting is common.  Furthermore, mistakes are related to the number of pills a day are taken.   For example, the more often a medication is taken the greater the chance that medications are forgotten. Some kinds of prescription medications come in an extended-release blend.  Hence, this will allow the meds to be taken less often.

smart medication reminder with alarm
America's Best smart medication reminder with LITE-BOX GUIDES and BLASTIN ALARMS

The health care professional as well as the  pharmacist should know if a medication is available as a once a day blend.. Additionally, meds taken once a day are often more expensive than the same kind of medications given 2-3 times a day.

For some people,a smart medication reminder with alarm and timer is the answer

smart medication reminder with alarm
Pick the best smart medication reminder with alarm

First of all, many seniors, forgetting to take medications is very dangerous. For example, seniors forgetting to take High Blood Pressure Medications. . One way to make taking medication a part of a routine is the use of a “smart medication reminder with alarm and timer.”  Medication Reminders come in a wide variety of sizes and features. For example, Med-Q smart medication reminder uses a combination of Flashing Guides and Blasting Alarms.   Not to mention, can have individual medication compartments  for taking medications up to four times a day. Pick the  smart medication reminder based on your choice.  Some smart medication reminder with alarm and timer need to be filled weekly.  Finally, other smart medication reminder with alarm and timers need to be filled every 30 days.

Take the time to Understanding the Medications

Talk to the Health Care Professional about the best way to take your medication and supplements.  Moreover, this proactive stance about taking your medication will payoff. Hence, the need to understand what you're taking and why you are taking it. Speak to the doctor when your at the appointment. Finally, make 100 Percent  sure you understand the directions for  the properly taking them.

  • First, have an understanding of what you're being treated for.  Second, will the meds have affects your mind and body (Negative Side Effects). Be sure you know what the medication do before leaving the Doctor's office.
  • Talk to your health care professional about potential mental or physical side effects. Equally important,  know the potential side effects.  Hence, a smart patient can watch out for them. Finally, Never discontinue use without the directions of the doctor.
  • Likewise, ask about the best way to take the supplements and prescriptions pills. Some medications need to be taken with liquids.  For example, mmmmneed to be taken with water. In the same fashion, other prescriptions need to be taken with some food in the stomach.  Make sure you know how to properly take your medication to get the best results.
  • Use the same pharmacy for all medications.  The goal,  the pharmacist will be able to check for interactions with the combination of prescriptions.

Understand what to do if you miss a dose.

Overall, even when using the best smart medication reminder with alarm and timer , you will make a mistake. Correspondingly, if it happens,  there are kinds of protocols for the different kinds of prescriptions. Sometimes, you should double the dose the next day. Other times, you should simply continue with regular doses and watch for side effects. Make sure you ask the doctor  in the event you miss a dose.

Finally,  a take a proactive stance on the medication managementMed-Q Smart programmable pill reminder with alarms is the best medication dispenser.

Med-Q smart medication reminder with alarm
smart medication reminder with alarm
Med-Q Smart Medication reminder with alarm and timer
Med-Q Smart Medication reminder

Know the best way to store medication safely

Equally important, different prescription and supplements must be stored in differently. For example, prescription med bottles havell have the storage instructions printed on the side of the bottle.  Again, speak with the doctor about storing your meds.  In a word, ask if you have any questions.

  • Prescription Medication and supplements may need to be kept at a specific temperature.  For example, it needs to be refrigerated or kept in a cool room in the house. To sum up, know what temperatures are best for storing your prescription medication.
    • Some medication, such as Heart Medication, needs to be taken every day at the same time.  Hence, the need for a mart medication reminder with alarm and timer. In addition, if you carry the pill box container in your purse or wallet, but make it is safe ( And Legal). Sometimes, medication needs to be kept at room temperature.  For example, pothers become  less potent when exposed to intense heat or cold.
Med-Q Medication Organizer Testimonials
Med-Q Medication Reminder Testimonials

Setting Physical Reminders

Use a smart medication reminder with alarm and timer.  To explain,  Med-Q Smart medication reminder with alarm and timer is a pill storage and reminder device.  In any event, pillboxes are sold in drug stores. First, caregivers will tell you that it is a great tool to keep people on track with their medications.  For the most part, pills are taken when needs and in the correct doses.

  • Sart medication reminders will have individual compartments for each day of the week's pills.  First, at the beginning of each week, separate your pills into the proper dosages.  Second, Put those separated doses in the pillbox compartments in the day they need to be taken
  • Med-Q smart medication reminder with alarm and timer is particularly great if you need to manage multiple medications.  Simply program the Med-Q for your individual Pill times.  First, at the programmed time, a blasting audio alarm will sound,  .The Smart Pill reminder will alert you with a flashing LED LITE-BOX to guide you to the dose to be taken.  No worries about the day of the week of=r the time of day.  Med-Q remembers so you don't have to.

best medication dispenser alarm

Put the Smart Pill reminder in a very visible place. 

With a smart pill reminder, there is no need to Leave reminders throughout the house.   If you choose to use an old fashion pill box, these tips are helpful.

  • First, buy a OVERSIZED calendar. Second, many men and women will use a Calendars to jot down when to take pills. Additionally, they have magnets so they can be put on the fridge.  The hope, see reminders every time you get something to eat will prevent forgetting.  Equally important, write down any side effects  that you are experiencing.  If these side negative side effects interfere with  daily activities, call your health care professional as soon as possible.
  • Sticky notes are a "LOW-TECH" method to help remember.  Can buy them at any office supply store. First, write down when you need to take the prescription medications or supplement. Leave them scattered throughout the home..  For example, in places where you'll see them during the da.  Tom illustrate, put them near the coffee pot or on the medicine cabinet mirror.  Finally, some people even put them on the front door.  To sum up, get a smart pill reminder.
  • Small notes, written on notepad paper or index cards have worked for some. These can be used just like Post-its . If you work at a desk frequently, having an index card propped up by your computer each week advising you when to take your medsis limited helper.   

prescription medication

Time the medication into daily activities.

 For example, people are much more likely to remember medication if it's part of a daily routine. Adding taking your meds into an existing daily ritual is better than no approach at all..  This being said, 65% of people make regular mistakes using this method.

  • Trying to take your medicine the same time each day is hard at best.   Hence, impossible at worst.  For example, take your medication before you brush your teeth is an old technique.  Never keep meds by the sink.  For this reason, you could knock over the bottle and spill them down the drain.  
  • On the other hand, some will use a type of "self-care ritual".   Self-care is a simple, daily activity in which you take time to relax and reflect. For example, you could take a short walk around the block. Finally, when practicing self-care  try using a smart pill reminder with alarm.  It follows that, forgetting and overdosing will be kept to a minimum.

Have family members or friends remind you

Forgetting and overdosing is a big concern for close friends and family members.  For example, they will worry about your health as much as you do. It follows that, a close friend or family member tries to remind you each day to take your medication.  However, this is not the best way to be helpful.  For many, this is frustrating and ineffective.

  • First, pick an individual  who is not judgmental.  In addition, pick someone who is always positive. You do not want someone who is going to be hard on you if you forget. After this, choose someone who's has a reputation of having a "upbeat"approach and  attitude.
  • If you live with someone, it's easy for them to keep reminding you.. However, you can ask a friend or family member for a quick text or phone call  reminder.  Again, less effective than a medication organizer with alarms.

Automatic Pill DispenserUsing Use a smart medication reminder with alarm and timer Technology

Finally, Modern Technology should be used on all levels.  First, it can not be overstated the importance of  remembering to take medication properly.  Therefore, taking the right pills at the right times and in the right doses is crucial.  . Try setting reminders using your watch, clock, phone, or computer is not the best way. . Med-Q smart medication reminder with alarm and timer has prevented 100's of thousands of Life threatening and Independence Robbing Mistakes.

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