MED-Q Smart Pill Box is Helping Mom to remember Pills

Amazing Med-Q Smart Pill Box Helping with Mom forgetting pills


Brilliant MED-Q Smart Pill Box is Helping with Mom forgetting Pills

smart pill box
MED-Q smart pill box

First, mom forgetting pills has gotten put of control. Second, Mom has been to the doctor.   She was complaining about chest pains.  Third, the doctor did tests.  Finally,found she had very High Blood pressure.   The doctor prescribed .  The pills were to be taken twice a day.  One at 8 in the morning and one at 8 at night.  It sound easier then it is. . What it boils down to is that pills and medications don’t work if you forget to take them.   A simple Smart Pill Box will help mom remember her pills and supplements. This will solve the Mom remembering Pills problem instantly for under 60 Dollars.

Remembering to take Medication and Supplements

As people age the may start having memory loss.  This typical for most of the elderly.  The condition is called Age induced medication Mistakes (AIMM’s).  This is the normal part of aging.  Long term memories still remain strong, but short term memories have a harder time forming.

Seniors make lots of  Medication Mistakes

mom forgetting pillsThe pills can work miracles but will do nothing if Mom is forgeting pills.  Dad forgetting medication will have the same negative results.  Just taking the pills is not the answer.  The medication must be taken as prescribed by her doctor. This means taking the right pills at the right time. Med-Q  offers some solution’s to forgetting and over dosing.  Dome are old fashion and some are based on cutting edge technology.

Mom Forgetting pills for Type 2 Diabetes is bad

You Need a smart pill clock  for Mom Forgetting pills.

smart pill box  A medication timer can be set so you don’t forget to take your diabetes medication.  No mo re mom forgetting pills or Dad forgetting medication.  Type 2 Diabetes is when you have low blood sugar.  Low blood sugar can happen in mom forgetting pills that increase insulin levels in the body.

Forgetting pills is why the pill arm is need.  t will help remind you to take Pills and eat. Blood sugar is also known as glucose.  A Smart Pill box with alarm will help mom forgetting pills from happening.  Without enough glucose, your body cannot perform. Your blood sugar is considered low when it drops below 70 mg.  Get immediate treatment for low blood sugar.  Remember, Mom forgetting Pills for her Diabetes is no small matter.

Why the Smart Pill box for diet? 

If you are feeling any of the symptoms you must act quick. Eat something with sugar quick to help get stable.  Talk to your health care provider about how to treat type 2 diabetes  Make sure that your family know how to recognize and treat your low blood sugar.  Read more at MED-Q Smart Pill Box or

 Mom forgetting PillsType 2 diabetics  do produce insulin in their bodies.   The problem, the insulin is not being used right.  Oral medications try to help the body use its insulin.  It is important to note that Oral Diabetes medication works only for type 2 diabetes.Mom forgetting pills for her Type 2 Diabetics is because she does not use insulin normally.

  Oral medications do not always work for everyone.  Typically type 2 diabetes takes a combination of oral medications and inject able insulin for best results. This works best to control blood sugar.  Some  Diabetics lack working pancreatic beta cells that produce insulin.  In these cases, oral medications doesn’t work and insulin therapy should be used.

Low blood sugar is called or hypoglycemia    In  some people, the blood sugar may get so low that they may “pass out” or collapse.  When this happens, the people need a quick sugar fix.  A glass of orange juice or a piece of hard candy would work.

Diabetic symptoms of low blood sugar may include:

shakiness,  /   sweating  /  headache  /  drowsiness

weakness  /  dizziness  /  irritability  /  hunger

fast heartbeat /  feeling jittery

Importance of take pills at the right times

The reason Mom had to take a morning pill and a night time pills was because the way the medication worked.  The pills worked for  12 hours.This means “Don’t take two or three at the same time”.  You will over medicate.  The other side of the coin, Mom is left uncovered for 12 hours.  This means a spike in blood pressure that could cause a heart attack or stroke.

Sponsored By Med-Q Smart Pill Organizer with Alarms for Loved One’s Independence

smart pill box

A smart Pill Box with alarms for medication Compliance

The Old Fashion 7 day pill box is still the number 1 device used for medication management.  This is a pill organizer that will separate out each days pills.  They could be bought virtually anywhere for as little as 99 Cents.  Many are used for advertising purposes and are given away free.  It is important to not that this is NOT a medication timer and will not reminder your Mom.

Pill Box with Alarms

Med-Q Automatic Pill Dispenser with Triple Alarms

This is similar to dumb pill box in looks.  That is where the similarity ends.  A smart pillbox has alarms that can be set to your own personal times.  At the programmed times the pill box alarm will start to remind the your mom it’s time to take her blood pressure pills.  Some devices have Flashing lights to help show which pills to take.


pill organizerMedication is the first line of defense in controlling Mom’s High Blood pressure.   That being said, she needs a smart pill box to make sure she takes her pills at the right times in the right dose.  Medication is the place to be proactive,.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.   Let Modern technology give your Mom the Quality of life she deserves.  

Now it your turn to take care of them

As your mom gets older she is going to need more and more help.  This is a time of role reversal.  It’s up to you to help mom remember pills.  To sum up, the best Smart Pill box is truly a life or death decision.

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