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7 Very Unhealthy Drinks

The 7 Most Unhealthy Drinks

Are the most Unhealthy Drinks, Soda, Ice tea and Orange Juices?

Soda  pop as well as ice tea  and even wholesome fruit juices is not what you think.  Most of the people in America use soda as their go-to beverage wren they are thirsty..  However, the current view is that parents should stop giving these beverages to their children.   Unhealthy Drinks are on the decline.The trend is a reduction in soda drinking.  The Amount of soda that has been sold in the US has decreased for  over a Decade.  In 2014, the consumption of soda reacted a 25-year low.  This was reported by the Beverage Digest.   Soda pop has been balled as America’s #1 easy to solve health issue.  Staying away from drinking sugary Coke, 7-Up, Pepsi as well as Dr. Pepper will help you lose weight.


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 Here is the 1 Huge problem

Anybody who is giving up soda is switching to plain water.   Instead, people are switching to drinks such as fruit juice and flavored waters to fill the void.   While many of these soda substitutes are not the “healthier choice”.  Review the Unhealthiest Foods On the Planet,.

 Energy Drinks in a Can

Just say no to these unhealthy beverages!  Energy drinks are expensive chemical mixtures that claim to offer the drinker a huge surge of energy.  This being said, they are filled with bad artificial sweeteners.  To review the Best and Worst Popular Sweeteners) , you will be surprised that they are  corrosive to ones teeth than normal sodas. 


unhealthy drinksSure, it’s natural and overflowing with vitamin C, but it’s loaded with sugar—and totally void of any nutrients like fiber or protein to help slow the sugar spike. An average glass packs 36 grams of sugar —or about what you’d get from popping 4 Krispy Kreme glazed donuts into a blender and hitting frappe. What’s more, most of the sweetness in juice comes from fructose, a type of sugar associated with the development of belly fat. A better drink for citrus lovers? Water flavored with fresh slices of oranges, lemon, and grapefruit. For added benefits, keep the peels on. Citrus peels contain the antioxidant d-limonene, a powerful compound that helps flush out stored visceral fat.

Low Calorie or Diet Soda

What do cancer-causing artificial colors, flame retardants, and fat-causing fake sugars all have in common?  Your Diet drink is full of them  Soda is full of  BPA, a chemical that’s been shown to cause obesity,.Diet soda is made sweet with  aspartame.  This is a widely used artificial sweetener.  Designed to lose weight,  but studies have shown that this sweetener actually has the exact opposite effect.

“Sugar substitutes like aspartame are designed to promote weight loss and decrease the incidence of metabolic syndrome, but a number of clinical and epidemiologic studies have suggested that these products don’t work very well and may actually make things worse,” says Rick Hodin, Medical Doctor as well as the author of this newly released study on this matter.

15 New Drinks That Make it Easy to Quit Soda.

Water Infused with Vitamins and Minerals

Don’t be fooled because they call it water and claim it to be healthy.  These drinks average over 130 empty calories for each bottle.  In fact all the calories come from pure sugar. Furthermore,  not just a tiny amount of sugar.  Each bottle will have over 30 grams of in  bottle of Vitamin water.  To make it easy to understand, s 7 and ¾ teaspoons of the sugar in each 20 ounce bottle.  

 50 Best Detox Waters for Fat Burning and Weight Loss

Ice Tea from Fast Food Restaurants

Full of chemicals called  propylene glycol alginate.  This is the same chemical used in automobile’s antifreeze).   Propylene glycol alginate is used the thicken different types of foodstuff as well as a  stabilizer, and emulsifier.  These chemicals have been shown to  that can cause Heart problems.   But that doesn’t prevent fast food restaurants from adding it into their iced tea. 

22 Best Teas for Weight Loss.


These are Aleichem cocktails filled with fake sweeteners  such as acesulfame .  People need to avoid these chemicals.  Acesulfame  many have many carcinogenic properties  Sucralose short circuits the bodies satiety warning signals. That being said, the also contain harmful dyes like “Red Forty” as well as “Yellow Six” These have been reported to  to have proven carcinogens.  

23 Worst Food Additives in America!

 Over-Sized Coffee Beverages

health benefits of coffeeA couple of cups of coffee every day is good for you.  But, think before you  switch to Over-Sized cups.  To much caffeine can make one’s bones brittle and easy to break.  “I try to avoid excessive caffeine,” reported. Manta. Mamik, a Obstetrics, Teacher at the Reproductive Science Center. “An adult can safely consume up to Four Hundred Fifty milligrams of caffeine each day (four eight ounce cups). Ingesting more that 4 cups  may cause your body to excrete needed calcium.

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