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Doctors transplant a pig kidney into humans

Transplant a pig kidney to humans.

There is a three year waiting list for kidneys for Transplant

In the Us there are over 100 thousand people waiting for a here are more than 100,000 people in the US waiting for kidney transplants. The shocking truth, over 6,000 individuals will pass for kidney disease before getting a needed transplant.  One can imagine if a pig kidney could be used in Humans.

Go to the local farm for Pig Kidney

Are pig kidneys going to be a new source of  donors that may change the way we do kidney transplantation as we know it. The good news you can  go to the local farm to pick one up.get one.

First inter-Species transplant

“Baby Fae” received the first.the medical term for animal to human transplant. Baby Fae had a baboon heart transplanted as a very last resort  to save her life.   She passed  died Twenty days later.  The problem with, how to keep one’s body  from rejecting the transplanted  organ.  Blood types must match donor with the recipient.

Unmatched Organs will be Rejected

The Human body will recognize an unmatched transplanted organ as being foreign.  This will trigger the autoimmune response.  This will begin production of proteins in which the body attacks the transplanted organ. This attack will lead to rejection death.

Organ transplant relies on  two fundamental therapies.

First, you find a matching donor.  This means a donor  whose particular proteins that match yours to the highest level.  Second, the future therapy of different types of  medications that keep one’s own immune system from attacking and destroying the newly transplanted organ.  People will need a life long prescription medication therapy.  It is important that these medications are taken exactly as prescribed.

The trouble with Baby Fae is that her body rejected the new Heart.  The new heart was similar in size as well as structure to her own heart,  however it did not look like her heart at a cellular level. Baby Fae’s own immune system attacked the transplanted organ and it killed her.

Scientists have started Cloning.

The future that seems promising is not a primates, but the pig.  Researchers  have removed the harmful proteins from the pig cell.  These proteins is what causes organ rejection.The pig kidneys, when viewed on a cellular level are coming close to humans on a cellular level.  How close are they,  they may not even need to be matched. You can actually transplant the same pig kidney into any human.

Transplant surgeon Dr. Joseph Tector, and his laboratory at the University of Alabama,  says, “We are very close.   He predicts next year,  the first pig kidney into a human being.   I also predict this will work and change the way we think of organ transplantation forever.

A future of  pig cloning farms

Dr Tector envisions a hospital for only pig kidney transplantation.   He also predicts future break toughs with livers, hearts,as well as intestines.

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