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Caring for a Senior Citizen The Common Sense Guide

Caring for a Senior Citizen or Loved One

The Common Sense Guide

Caring for a Senior Citizen take common sense

Being a caregiver is no easy job.   Caring for Your Aging Senior Citizen can use pointers to help with the work load.  Med-Q Medication compliance system agrees with Ben Franklin


Elder Care: 20 IMPORTANT Things to Locate and Keep

There are 10’s of millions of family caregivers.  It is one of the most underappreciated responsibilities one can have.  This being said if your Grandma or Grandpa needs help with prescription medications or vitamins and supplements. Med-Q electronic Pill Box with Alarm provides these 20 tips.

These types will range from how to make sure your loved ones are taking their medication properly to making sure that they are filling out insurance forms properly.  These pointers can prevent a medical o, financial as well as emotional crisis before it happens.

Make Taking Care of Family made easier

How to make caring for the elder much easier.  Senior will experience some forgetting and slow down of their physical and mental skills.  This takes place in many areas.  it is a normal part of aging.  With medication, the problem is called AIMM’s (Age Induced medication Mistakes).  This could be solved with the use of an electronic pill dispenser with alarms.  Other challenges are not as simple to fix.   This will apply whether they are or are not organized individuals.  This may ed to much frustrations for the care giver or health care provider.

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Here is how the problem will begin to show up

First, you  find the monthly bills unpaid.  There may be stacks  of newspapers as well as unopened mail.  This may even  include the light bill If they are having the power turned off, you I needed to step in.   Med-Q Medication Management system  cam up with 20 important items you will need to know about.

Get a Programmable pill reminder with alarms to avoid forgetting and over dosing errors.

Have a copy of their will and know the location of the original

Location of the Social Security cards and the number.  You ought to make certain that they aren’t being carried in their wallet or purse.  Keeping them on their bodies creates the possibly of an identity theft type of situation.

Know exactly what procedures and prescriptions that their health insurances will cover.   Be sure to know where the physical cards are located as well as the policies number.   If the seniors  carry their cards ion the, be certain to make copies, both front and back sides.  You would be surprised at the number of times these cards get misplaced.

Make sure that all of the  bills are in both spouses names.  This will be especially helpful in the event that one of them dies.

 Credit cards could be treated  differently.  With Credit cards you do not want joint accounts because it may as having their the debt being passed to the other person upon death.

Have signed, as well as notarized, Power of Attorney document.  Also have originals of wills, health directives in case of physical incapacitate.


testimonials Have a list of all codes and Personal Identification Number (PIN) for all of their personal accounts.
 Copy of any of their Union cards.

Know the benefits from their Union or Associations (such as burial plots, pensions, life policies, etc.)

 Be up to date on the life insurance policies.  Have a copy of the the actual policy.  Know what the death benefit amounts are.  Have the companies’ address and phone numbers, and that the beneficiaries are up to date.  If their beneficiary to their life insurance policy has preceded them in death it can lead to a probate situation and delay receiving the death benefit check. 

 Know where the titles for their vehicles, boats, toys, deed to home, deed to vacation properties, and the abstract to their home(s).

Location of long term care policies.

Have the social security numbers and birth dates.

 Know the city and state where they were born.  

Know where  they keep a copy of their  birth certificates.

In the event that they are veterans you should  know where the discharge papers are kept.  This is the first step if you have to deal with the VA ( Veterans Administration).

 Make sure that they authorize you  to speak about CC bills as well as the life policy.  This will avoid the need to send them copies of the Power of Attorney before you will get any help.  Most of the time, it is as easy as calling the company in the presence of your elder, who’s name is on the account, and having them talk with the customer service representative to let them know it is fine to talk with you, the elder care person.Caregivers

 Know where the bills are kept  How are they going about  paying their bills?

 Know who the family treasures go to.  Is it written down?  Hearsay doesn’t always work.  It can lead to hard feelings later.  It helps to have it written down so everyone can see where these items go after the elder is gone.  Dealing with grief is hard enough, writing it down, in advance, cuts down on the unpleasant feelings later.

Know where their safety deposit box is.   The box may be locked  upon the death of the owner.

 Keep a key or the numbers to the combination to their safe or important papers box.  People with Alzheimer’s as well as dementia will lose the keys or combination..  Make a copy of all keys and combinations.

Everyone’s situation is different.  The P.O.A. or potential P.O.A. needs to know this information.  Elders with dementia can be very unorganized and this can lead to a nightmare situation upon their death.  As the old saying goes, “an ounce of prevention can be worth a pound of cure”.

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