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Body Changes as you Get Older

 Body Changes as you Age

Weight Gain

The most obvious sign of your body changes is weight gain.  Obesity is a national epidemic. The health consequences of being over weight are magnified as you get older. The average man consume 2,638 and the average women consume 1,785 calories per day according to the CDC.   The requirement is 2000 and for women, 1600.  You do the math.  For long term health and Quality of life it is important to watch your diet.  Weight gain is almost inevitable during the aging process, but it can be managed.

You Will Shrink

The effect of a life time of gravity will compress the disc in your spine. You can shrink as much as three inches.  This one of the normal body changes that nothing can be done to prevent.

11Lack of Physical Activity

We slow down as we age.  With the ending the physical requirement of a daily job , the amount of activity drops substantially.  The sedentary life style is not healthy.  This leads to less muscle mass.  Less muscle mass leads to a lower amount of calories needed.  Thirty minutes of exercise a day is a great starting goal.  It will benefit you physically, emotionally and financially.

Hormonal Changes

as you Age, the levels of sex hormone your body production drops.  Hormones are like the CPU of your computer.  If they are not working properly, you are going to have a crash.  Men will start storing more fat in their belly regions.  Women will store their extra fat in their hips and thighs.  This newly deposited fat, can have very bad effects on the heart..  A Harvard Study reported

  • Women with waist sizes 35 inches or higher, had nearly double the risk of dying from heart disease, compared to women who had waist sizes less than 28 inches.


As you get older you will see some Body Changes in  and your appearance, sex drive and tepremence.  These are typical and Normal.  It is important to be aware of these changes so you can be prepared.  Every thing form AIMM’s (Age Induced Medication Mistakes) to diet can have a big impact.

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