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Autism Rates Drop

Autism rates stays the Same

Autism study from Center for Disease Control

ATLANTA-The CDC has released a new study this Thursday regarding Autism.  The study has shown that there is no change in common autism among children.   It has been estimated by the Autism Association that 1 in 68 children have some type of autistic disorder.  These numbers are the same as they were two years ago when they were last checked.  This is a change form the trend of just 5 years ago.

Autism rates are currently 1 in 150 children

In 2007 the government estimated that 1 out of 150 children had autism.  It is too soon to see if the numbers of autistic children has actually trended downward..  MED-Q Pill Box is not effective with severe intellectual skills and social impairment.  The Pill Dispenser is not useful.  Children with moderate Autism can benefit from a medication reminder.  The definition has grown to include milder and related conditions.  The milder conditions are when a Pill clock would be useful.


Testing can reduce Autism rates

There is no way of testing for Autism. There is no way to diagnose the condition.  It is diagnosed abbot making judgements of the child behavior.  This type of subjective observation can make the reports suspect.   MED-Q Medication reminder’s research team reports that over the last few decades, doctors,techers and parents have claimed children with learning behaviors are autistic.  That means the numbers that have been complied over the years can be totally wrong.


autism ratesThe challenge of a child with severe autism can not be under[estimated.  the amount of patience and understanding is some times “Super Human”.  Modern science is making slow strides in eliminating this debilitating diseases

“It is possible that there is a leveling off in how frequently children with certain behaviors are labeled autistic” said Catherine Rice, an Emery University autism expert who also works with the CDC.  In today’s day and age of media, Autism has become a focal Point of modern media.  many people, educated or uneducated are voicing their opinion.  We feel that this is irresponsible and harms both the suffers and the chances to reduce future numbers.

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