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America’s Other Drug Problem is Not What You Think

America has a Serious Drug Problem

America Drug Problem that People don’t know About.

When people think, “drug Problem’, they think of illegal drugs.  this is not always the case as you can see.  med-Q Pill Box research team provides insight into “America’s Other Drug Problem.”

Shocking data about the Shortages of Vital Medication

Drug ProblemHealth Care Professionals have been voicing the alarms  over the newest data showing critical shortages of some very important medications.  The Prescription medications are not your basic OTC pills that are found in their drugstores.  The Real shortages are in inject able medications.  The meds that are in short supply are usually used in hospitals for treating serious illnesses.

Melly Alazraki, a reporter from the Daily Fiance , says “vital medications such as chemotherapy, antibiotics, analgesics (painkillers), anesthetics and more.”  are in short supply and in many cases, not even available.  ABC News reported  a story about a man in the state of Minnesota.  Mark McKee was being treated for Cancer.  At his last chemotherapy session the treatment was not administered because the hospital ran out of the  medication (doxorubicin).

Here is what his doctors said, “he had to settle for what they had,  with the “something may be better than nothing.” attitude.  Sounds unbelievable!

Factors that cause Drug Problems

Many issues can impact that availability of certain medications and drugs.  A typical example, , a pharmaceutical company can have manufacturing shut downs or other problems at important factory.  Some times they may found it hard to get the specific raw material.  However,  ABC News points out, most of the time it is because of the cost.  The costs of manufacturing are greater that the sales.

Food and drug Administration Goals

Many people fault the FDA because of the huge costs they put on on drug manufactures.  FDA,   Stella Daily Zawistowski reports that the Food and Drug Administration’s  process for approving new drugs can cost up to $750 million dollars.  This figure is arrived by costs from discovery to animal trials and then human testing.  The fact of the matter is that the Twenty year Patent Protection calendar begins once the drug is discovered,  not after testing.  Sometimes, the approval process  can take up to a full decade.  Therefore, you can see that a company has made a huge investment .

Zawistowsk feels that  the development of new kinds of drugs have been stifled.   Zawistowski continues on,  “The FDA often  distorts the market for the types of drugs being developed.”  This has lead to a new type of marketing.  Drug companies have found that it is much quicker and way less expensive for the drug manufacturers to attempt FDA approval for what has been termed,  “copycat” drugs.  

These are pills that have a minor variations of already-approved pills.  This way the route to approval has been greatly accelerated . The results of the ineffective system,  many different types of of cholesterol drugs, blood pressure pills as well as antidepressants — at the expense of other critical drugs like new antibiotics that are effective against new types of drug-resistant bacteria’s and Viruses.

Many claim that if current used pills were discovered now, they would never come to market because of FDA current requirements.

The FDA drug approval process is so counter productive that many of the experts in the filed truly believe that many of the current drugs in use world wide, would never have received marketing “Go-Ahead”  from the current Food and Drug Administration.   These same people claim that the list would include modern wonders like penicillin, aspirin, as well as acetaminophen . FDA approved only Twenty One new drugs last year.a mere 21 drugs.

Drug Problem
prescription medications

 Obama is trying to speed up the pace of new drug development

The New York Times has reported that the administration has created  the “National Center for Advancing Transnational Sciences” within the scope of the current National Institutes of Health.  The goal, aid in promoting the development of new age of drugs and medicines. However many of the researcher s as wells as industry experts remain extremely skeptical about any new level of success.

 As Wake Forest University biochemistry professor Mark Lively asks, “the NIH is not likely to be very good at drug discovery, so why are they doing this?”

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