MED-Q Presents Health Challenges of Aging


Health Challenges of Aging in  the 21st Century


The Health Challenges of Aging effect every one.  

health challenges of agingHealth Challenges of Aging is going to be experienced by every man and women.  The most up to date information has been trying to get people to be better prepared for the health issues that they are going to have toe face as they get older.

Med-Q Medication compliance system will often hear from our users

,”If I’d known I was going to live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.”  This is a common theme that is part of human nature.  People will often focus on financial security in their golden years, yet never prepare for the physical and emotional security that will will also need.

health challenges of agingTake note, if you are in their 40 or 50 or even 60, you need to  give thought to the challenges your going to have to face as you age.   The fact of the matter, proper  planning for financial needs is very important to senior, but , so is planning for the potential decline in health that may be experienced as you age..


What you should be preparing for, and how to prepare

Med-Q Electronic Pill Dispenser with Alarms have spoken with different experts about major health issues when you age. While  diseases, like Alzheimer’s  , Dementia as well as some specific  cancers, have continued to confound the researchers.  The good news, many can be prevented, forestalled, or greatly reduced with the proper lifestyle and regular health check ups.  The American Geriatrics Society, tells The Smart Pill Reminder with alarms, “The more you do in middle age to prepare yourself for successful aging, the better.”health challenges of aging



Developing Osteoporosis and the Likely hood of Falls

Osteoporosis as well as having low bone mass has an impact on over 40 million people age 50 and older.  The vast majority of the sufferers are female. The National Osteoporosis Association, tells us that osteoporosis is not part of the normal aging process. In fact, practicing healthy lifestyle coupled with medication can minimize  or even totally prevent the disease.  Modern medicine can take a nearly fatal disease and make it manageable or even curable.

In 2014 a full 30% of seniors over the age of 65 have experienced a fall.  

Some of these falls were minor, while other ones were debilitating.  Between 25-30 Percent of seniors who have experienced a fall lost some personal mobility as well as their own levels of independence. The shocking truth,  falls are one of the top cause of death from injury in this age group.medication box

Stop smoking and  get plenty of calcium

The very first thing to do, Stop smoking.  You should also be cautious of too much alcohol intake.  Take pills or supplements that give you extra levels of calcium.  Another factor that can help is to keep a limit on foodstuff that has a with high acidic contentl

 Stay Away from sodas that will encourage losses of calcium.

foodThe human body always has a reservoir of calcium.  The body will tap these reserves when not enough calcium is coming in from the foods you are eating.  Unfortunately, these reserves are in  the bones. The  reason women experience osteoporosis is from having a child.  Becoming pregnant and giving birth takes a substantial amount of calcium.  This may come directly from  mother’s bones if she’s not getting the required amounts from her regular diet. it has been estimated that middle age women require over 1,150 mg’s of calcium per day.

The intake of Vitamin D is also important

Vitamin D is called , the sunshine vitamin.  This is a protective vitamin if taken properly and regularly.  This being said, always use sunscreens to protect yourself against the chances of developing  skin cancer at some future.  It is a well know fact that as we get older our body will  become less efficient at manufacturing vitamin D from normal sunlight,

Many people are asking the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to raise the minimum daily  requirement for vitamin D to  800 1,000 units. Most of the OTC multiple vitamins contain only 350-400 units.It is important to make sure that you are getting the minimum daily requirement from eating low-fat dairy products, or take a Vitamin or supplement.  Take a proactive stance in the Health Challenges of Aging. 


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