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Health Care Recommendations in Your 70s and Older

Health Care Recommendations in Your 70s and Older

Health Care Recommendations in Your 70s  is not just physical health. 


Health Care Recommendations in Your 70s  is not just taking your pills and supplements with out forgetting or over dosing. It includes mental, emotional and financial help.  This being said,  Seniors have a higher risk for many different  types of crime.

  These crimes may include, burglary as well as identity theft.  One are that seniors seem the most vulnerable to is wire transfer scams and fraudulent investment scams.  It is not unusual for the elderly to suffer from credit card fraud as well as fake  charity contribution solicitations.

How to protect seniors from Financial Fraud Schemes

The fact of the matter is that many senors are at risk for a crime that takes place in their very own home.  It may also happen in the home of a family member.  It can even happen  in a senior care living facilities as well as professionally staffed nursing homes.  The crime is actually committed by the caregiver themselves.  Termed, ” elder abuse”, this  crime often will assume many different forms. Elder abuse can be physical, emotional (psychological) or sexual. It often will also involve neglect as well as abandonment.  Many times the senior will be the victim of financial exploitation. 


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Preventing Physical elder abuse is defined as

Physical elder abuse is defined as Physical elder abuse is defined as , “the non-accidental use of force against an elderly person that causes injury or pain”. Elder abuse may  include hitting, shoving and kicking.  People my cause abuse with prescription drugs as well as confinement.

  • Psychological as well as Emotional  abuse can be verbal as well as non-verbal. It often will include intimidating behavior (e.x., screaming and even  threatening physical harm).  The mental humiliation and ridicule will take a toll. The abuse will also involve isolating the individual from their families and friends.
  • Sexual elder abuse involves sexual contact with a senior without his or her consent, as well as forcing the elder to view porn movies.
  • Neglect and/or abandonment seniors is the top kind of elder abuse. This will cover the failing  of care-giver responsibilities.  Both intentionally or unintentionally.
  • Financial exploitation elder abuse involves the unauthorized spending of the senior’s money.   These are many example of stocks , bonds and pother properties being sold fraudulently. It also includes health care providers  overcharging for services, over- or under-medicating.

Health Care Recommendations in Your 70s and Older

The risk for a number of medical conditions increases with age. Seniors will suffer from AIMM’s (Age Induced medication Mistakes) just to mention a few of the challenges.  The fact of the matter is that the typical man or women who is over the age of 70 of age has three chronic medical issues.  These issues will ranging from very minor to very serious or life threatening.  Med-Q Medication Compliance System will always recommend that in the event of any concerns or questions you talk to your doctor or health care provider. Bring  a trusted family member or friend accompany you to your medical appointments is a top  Health Care Recommendations in Your pill box with alalrms

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