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5 Food Trends Experts Pray Will Not Return

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5 Food Trends That Should Not Return


Dumb food trend.  One has to just open a fashion magazine or watch a TV commercial to see that dieting trends come an go with regularity.  Nutrition experts know that the same trendy society applies to many diets. “I want people to think about foods as the patterns in which we eat them,” not in terms of “good” or “bad,” reported Ted  Spencer.  He is  a  professional  dietitian in Phoenix, AZ.   He says, Fashion mistakes make you look silly, dietary mistakes can be deadly. These six trendy diets are perfect examples:

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Another Dumb Food trend,  Low-Fat Obsession

Many people were trapped by the low-fat craze.  This was very popular in the 80’s and 90’s.   Science has shown this approach to be flawed.  Having a very low fat diet means no butter or Sour Cream on your baked potato as well as cutting  beef out of your diet.  It is way healthier to have a normal diet rather than following the newest trend.   A healthy diet ensures you can eat almost everything you want in moderation.

Remember the Scarsdale Diet

Did you know that this diet promoted drinking lots of  diet sodas.  Some up to date studies have supported the finds of drink diet sodas can cause weight gain.  The reports also showed a correlation with  diabetes-as well as  DNA damage on a genetic level.
The Scars dale Diet was the trend  in the 70s and stayed popular well into the late 80’s,  The diet is a low protein that takes all fats out the the diet.  The detrimental health effect are obvious, said  Mary Amsterdam, head of nutrition at the Medical and Wellness Center.

Low-Carbohydrate  Body Shocking

If you’re tempted to trade your oatmeal for bacon and your chicken sandwich for Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Double Down – a media sensation that substituted chicken fillets for bread buns – prepare to watch New York City personal chef Amber Bailey cringe. “The idea of being able to eat as much fatty items as you want as long as it is low in carbohydrates is just something I do not believe in,” she says, since it eliminates key nutrients and likely boosts your saturated fat intake and risk of heart disease. “Eating foods as close to their natural form as possible is the best way for anyone to maintain a healthy diet.”


Folks thought living a caveman’s diet would be good.   Cavemen dos not eat processed foods.  Even thought this seems to make sense, it is wrong.  When you are informed of the fact that a  cavemen’s life expectancy was around 36, people will question the paleo diet trend.  Of course people need to eat healthy foods with out additives, however please do not take it to the extreme.  Try the farm-to-table diet if this is the way you want to eat.Automatic Pill box with alarms and timer

Detoxing your Body

In case some one is preparing for a wedding or trying to make up for a eating binge as well as trying to cut some pounds to go on a vacation, Jessica Crandall tells us about her clients  that have been drinking thousands of calories a day in liquid form.
This termed “cleansing” and  is thought to offer quick weight reduction.   This diet will void the body of nutrients that are pill box with alarms
For her clients suffering with diabetes,  this diet is dangerous.   Eating a balanced diet filled withe fruits as well as vegetables, in addition to lean proteins, whole unprocessed grains and non-fat dairy products – is a superior way to detox ones own body.pill organizer for deaf people

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This one is by far the worst.   If one googles “extreme diet” one will see this one at the top of the list.   A Doctor puts  a feeding tube up the patients nose and pump in protein, fats as well as pure H2O.  There are absolutely no carbohydrates of any kind in the mixture.  Angelica Lenard, a registered dietitian  offer this advice, Folks were offered an immediate  weight loss.  It is a sure fire way to lose weight, however, it’s will not last and often will cause a void in the nutrient the body needs to perform properly.  Lenard, sees plant-based diets  as the newest trend on the horizon.
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