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MED-Q is the Best pill dispenser for Mom

Find the Best pill dispenser for Mom 

The Best  Pill Dispenser ends confusion and  worries.

med-q pill dispenser
med-q pill dispenser

Med-Q is the Best Pill dispenser for Mom.  Why can we say this?  Med-Q Pill Dispenser for Mom is an automatic pill dispenser and medication Reminder solution that keeps Mom and Dad safe at home without worry and constant intervention.

Med-Q Programmable PillBox with alarms Storage Capacity

There is no worry about capacity.  Your Programmable Pillbox will hold up to 32 full sized (325mg) Aspirins.  Way more pills then most people take in a week.  Each daily compartment is huge.  Medication Management Capacity. As well as , managing and dispense 23  different  solid medications and supplements. 

 Programming your pill dispenser for elderly

First, automatic pill dispenser reviews.  Second, to show how the Med-Q Dispenses medications.  Third,  personalized “on the minute” dosing schedules.  Finally,  reliability and ease is rated in the top 3

 Prescription Medications and Supplement for Compliance

Dispenses prescription medications with the aid of a Flashing LITE-Box guide up to 4 doses per day with the combo.

Sponsored By Med-Q Medication Management System

med-Q medication Management Sysytem

Pillbox Dosing Alerts

The Best pill dispenser for Mom Provides a visual (flashing LITE-BOX) guide to the correct doses.  In addition an audible (escalating volume tone) alerts when it is time to take your medications.  Does not provides alerts to mobile devices via text message and/or email. because the Med-Q Pill Dispenser actually works.

 Pill dispenser for elderly has Low battery Alerts

Med-Q Programmable Pillbox  with alarms will notify you if the batteries are low.  The Smart Pillbox is powered with 2 AA batteries.  Easy to remember and inexpensive to buy, your batteries have a 1 1/2-2 year life with normal use.

Brilliant Med-Q pill dispenser for elderly

 Amazing Med-Q PILL BOXES Travel Mobility

Cutting edge, Med-Q pill dispenser for elderly weighs in at only 11 ounces.  Small enough to fit in a purse of car’s glove compartment.  Med-Q can also travel with you.

 Programming & Loading the Med-Q pill dispenser machine

 Programming your pill dispenser machine

Med-Q Pill dispenser machine is simple to set up.

The programming videos makes it even easier.  Our customers tell us that it is as easy as setting an alarm clock.  

pill dispenser for elderly
pill dispenser for elderly

Best pill dispenser for mom is a Medication Management Tool

electronic pill box with alarm

 Seniors need a pill dispenser with lock or auto pill dispenser with alarms.  A pill dispenser for Mom is one of the most important decisions you can make.  Your Programmable Pillbox can make the difference between life and death.

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