Tips makes Hospital Visits easier for Family Caregiver

A Hospital visit is stressful for the Family Caregiver. 

If our loved one is at the  they need your help and support. 

The question, how can the stressful for the Family Caregiver situation be reduced?  How can caregiver keep their stress level under control?  Med-Q pill box offers this advice, be prepared and be sure to remain focused on the patient and what their personal needs are.  The goal, don’t becomes stressed out.  It is Stressful for the Family Caregiver, so pointers can help.

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Family CaregiverWhy is  it so stressful for the family caregiver?

Here is a typical story, Your folks are both affiliated with Alzheimer’s.  Mom in the Very early stages, Dad in the middle stages.   ER trips were becoming more and more common.  These trips turned into extended stays. 

Because of the Alzheimer’s they would be confused as well as slide in and out of delirium.  The importance of the Caregiver that is close to them to remain in the Hospital for the 1st or 2nd night is crucial.

Health Care Professionals usually make their rounds very early in the day

It is good to be there when the doctor visits.  Many people will feel that is they miss the doctor’s round sit will be a problem.  With frequent trips to and from the to the hospital caregivers feel like they are a policeman, always ready to jump into action  when needed.  Med-Q Smart Pill box has a valuable recommendation, A BACK  PACK.  Pack it with what you need if you have to spend a few nights in the hospital room with them. 

Here’s a few suggestions for this handy item.

  • Replacement underwear, sock as well as sweat pants.
  • Bring a tube of Lip balm.  All Hospitals have extremely low humidity  This is to stops germs and bacteria from multiplying.  This kind of  low humidity  will dry ones lips and skin.  Not only did I use my lip balm often, but it was a comfort for my loved one to have lip balm put on their dry lips.
  • Feminine items.  Sometimes, stress can upset even the most regular menstrual cycles, bees.  It’s best to be prepared.
  • Travel Tissue. Most Hospitals will leave Kleenex in the waiting room, however a travel tissue ought to be put in a pocket and pulled out for those impromptu emotional moments.
  • A Miniature notebook and a marker.  The Caregiver needs to documenting the information you receive form the Doctors and Nurses as well as the CNA’s.    It’s handy to write questions you want to ask next time you see the doctor, etc.  Notes about what you are observing about your loved one to relay to the nurses and doctors.  Your medications, prescription and over the counter drugs need to be put in  their smart pill box or pill organizer.
  • Keep some  Antacids helped me with this.
  • Bring things with to help keep you occupied.  Smart phone , word puzzles,  video games, Bring things with to as well as any other thing you enjoy.

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  • Make sure you bring your phone charger. Med-Q Pill Holder recommends that you get an extra charger and keep it in the backpack. 
  • Don’t underestimate the Importance of  Comfortable shoes.  This is so important we will repeat it again.   Suffering in a painful pair of shoes is gong to make the stay much worse.  We suggest you wear a comfortable pair of gym shoes.  In the evening, slippers can be a life saver for the tired feet.
  • A comfy sweat suit or sweat pants and sweat shirt. 
  • Simple “hand” snacks such as granola bars at fruits and vegetable.. 

Going to the Hospitals is very stressful for caregivers.  

Being prepared with a  list of needed items will be extremely helpful. Caregivers are often over stressed and will begin to feel as though they are overwhelmed.  If this is happening one’s own brain will struggle to maintain   That increases the stress load dramatically.

There isn’t any way to completely alleviate the stress of being with your loved one in the hospital.  We’re concerned for them.  Obviously, they are quite ill for them to be there.  Hospitals can be a life or death situation.  It’s natural to feel stressed out when they are there.  Being prepared ahead of time won’t cure the stress, but it won’t add more to it.  It might even give a feeling of having something in control in an out of control situation.  The hospital say is stressful for the Family Caregiver, however, that stress can be reduced by being prepared in advance.

Do you having any more tips on what to have in our readiness pack?  Please feel free to leave a comment for all of us to learn from.

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