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What Do I Need for An Emergency Room Visit?

What Do I Need for An Emergency Room Visit?


This is a story from Sharon H

pill box with alarms Home Caregiver for dozens of aging seniors over the last two decades.  Here are some pointers that 20 years of ” Wish I brought ” , has created a list that has worked for her. Her list was formulated from the what to do when emergency room visits happen.  As my elders aged, hospital visits seem to increase.  The first few times, my husband and I only had the presence of mind to fly into action and make sure our elder got to the Emergency Room in time.  As we became more seasoned in our roles, we learned a few things about advanced preparation.

If you are ready for an unexpected emergency room visit worry and stress can be mostly avoided.

If you are worried about an unexpected trip to the Emergency Room based on some past events, you can store items in a specific location, ready to go, if needed.  Here is a List of items Recommended by Med-Q Pill Boxes.

For the Emergency Room Visit , bring a Folder with these documents:

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Be sure to have a current list of all medications and supplements that are being taken.  Include a listing of the special food needs, if the have any allergies as well as sensitivities to medications.  Include the amount that is being taken as well as how often.  Look in their Smart Pill box with alarms to see if they took their medication. If it is one of the new smart pill boxes, one can also tell when they were due to take the next pill.  

senior's biggest fearKeep a  folder with all the hospitalizations and surgeries.  

 It’s vital to know the dates and cause of each hospitalization.  One should also include a short personal medical history.   It should include facts such as, the age of ones parents when they died as well as what they died from.  The same applies with the history of Brothers and Sisters.  In the event that they need oxygen, note this and include how much they need.  If the go to the ER in  an ambulance, inform the paramedic or EMT’s.   The EMT’s will use their own oxygen during the Emergency Room Visit.  

 Keeping a journal about your Loved Ones Health 

It’s a good idea to keep a diary of some sort and to bring it with to the Emergency Room.   The list should contain the #’s of their personal health care professionals , friends, family as well as neighbors.   Include the telephone #’s of the people that should be informed or notified if the Emergency Room Visit turns into a lengthy hospital visit.  

Do you have an emergency room visit story you’d like to share?  Is there anything else you’ve found which should go with us on your Emergency Room Visit  Click here!  See more  on Google+ Facebook  YouTube.

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