Smart Pill Box with Alarms

How does MED-Q Electronic Pill Dispenser with Alarm work?

How does Med-Q Electronic Pill Dispenser with Alarm work?

MED-Q  Electronic Pill Dispenser with Alarm 

Electronic Pill Dispenser with AlarmMed-Q Electronic Pill Dispenser with alarm means cost savings, peace of mind  and a better Quality of Life.  Mistakes come from many factors like, culture, busy schedules and forgetting.    It is harder as people get older and have memory challenges and inability to understand instructions. The FDA  recommends you use an electronic pill dispenser.  The MED-Q electronic pill dispenser with alarm can solve the problem.

MED-Q pill dispenser with alarm reduces Mistakes

Electronic Pill Dispenser with Alarm
MED-Q smart pill reminder

Mistakes grow as the number of medications grows.  An  electronic pill dispenser with alarm  will help seniors.   According to MED-Q , medication errors cause 10% of hospital admissions..  The rate is even higher with seniors.  40% of seniors take at least 5  pills a day.  It is no surprise that an electronic pill dispenser with alarm will help seniors take their pills .  The Pill Box uses a audio alarm  that it is time to take their medicine.  The pill box has a  flashing  guide to direct the user.  They press a simple button and the Pill Reminder has activated the next alarm.

MED-Q Pill box with alarm will repeat every 25 minutes

Electronic Pill Dispenser with Alarm
Electronic Pill Dispenser with Alarm

If the user forgets to take their pills, the MED-Q Pill box with alarm will repeat every 25 minutes until the medication is taken.  Caregivers and family members can be assured the pill box did it’s job.    No more Dad forgetting medication or forgetting depression medication.  This pill clock means no more Mom forgetting pills.  This is more important for persons with life threatening conditions controlled by pills.  Some Pill Dispensers produce online reporting which shows if pills are forgotten.  Medication Dispensing devices are programmed and filled by family members or caregivers.  

  Pill Dispensers store between 7 – 30 days worth of medicine.   Devices are sturdy, have battery backups for power failures and are compact.. Some services are integrated withe personal emergency response or electronic home monitoring.   Regardless of the type of electronic pill dispenser with alarm that you get, “Get One’.Electronic Pill Dispenser with Alarm

 This is the simplest most cost-effective way of managing medicine

 Electronic Pill Dispenser with Alarm
MED-Q  Electronic Pill Dispenser with Alarm


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