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MED-Q electronic pill dispenser with alarm can help with Medication

MED-Q electronic pill dispenser with alarm can help prevent Medication Non Compliance


What is Medication Non Compliance?  Moreover, why do you need a electronic pill dispenser with alarm?

electronic pill dispenser with alarmWhat is the  definition of non compliance?.  It is the failure to take medication as prescribed by your health care professional.  The old fashion pill boxes will not be the proper tool for compliance.  Time to upgrade to a electronic pill dispenser with alarm.

You need a Smart Pill Box

It is not unusual for Dad Forgetting medication or Mom forgetting pills.  This problem will get worse as your Dad Ages.  Seniors suffer from AIMM (Age Induced Medication Mistakes).  The Center for Disease Control has issued many studies about the shocking consequences of medication errors.   That is why they need an electronic pill dispenser with alarm. A smart pill box.

However there is much more than just non adherence to directions.  First of all, non compliance can also be as indicative of the medication abuse.  In other cases, actual misuse. Many of the health care providers face these issues on a regular basis.  Here are some pointers, like a smart pill reminder, to try to help.

  • Negative Side Effects.  In a “perfect world” prescriptions just  zero in on their specific disease or illness.  By the same token, they would  generating only desired effects as well as outcomes.  In brief, it’s just not that easy.  Negative side effects can occur as a unintended consequence.

Finally, How are you able to help?

How important is is to be honest to your loved one?   First of all, It is important to be honest with clients about side effects. Be sure to point out that although practically every drug has side effects.  Moreover, the same apples with – prescription and over-the-counter pills.   Second of all, Discuss the typical side effects of the medications that the client is taking, and suggest ways for combating them. For example, drugs with the side effects of anxiety and sleeplessness are best taken in the morning. Sedating medications should be taken at bed time.  By the same token pills for nausea are to be taken with food in the stomach.  The use of an electronic pill dispenser with alarm can help manage these pills.

 The Med-Q electronic pill dispenser with alarm can be the solution to your problems.

The Nurse inspired design has brought medication management into the 21st century with this new Triple alarm smart pill reminder.  Our Unique Triple Audio/Visual; reminders makes forgetting and overdosing virtually impossible.  This is not your Grandma’s Old fashion Pill box.

  • electronic pill dispenserMedication Cost. Unfortunately, most brand name prescription pills are extremely costly these days. This being said, it should be no surprise that poor  have problems.  In fact the problem is particularly worse for the elderly .  For example, Elderly are usually on  a fixed income.  To illustrate, seniors may break the prescription medications in half.  Another example, taking them every other day to save money. First,  medication may be needed to offer a good quality of life,  Second it actual can affect ones personal survival.  Third , most do not treat it with the proper importance.  Moreover,  it’s not at the top of the list of priorities.  It should be in the top of the hierarchy of needs.

smart pill reminderHow you are able to help

:  First,  place to start is with the client’s choice of insurance company policy. Second, help  find out about the range of prescription benefits that particular plan offers.  Third, find out if the medications they’re taking are covered. This is particularly important if they’re several medications in their smart pill reminder with alarms.

Try to do some comparison price shopping among a few different pharmacies. Moreover there are often big differences in the cost for the same pills from pharmacy to pharmacy. Furthermore there are also helpful Web sites.  With this in mind, clients ought to do some comparison-shopping.  Explore for coupons that can be used for different kinds of prescription medications.

electronic pill dispenser with alarmAssistance programs are offered  through many different states.  In addition, nonprofits and drug companies offer some assistance as well. Call the Partnership for Prescription Assistance at 888.477.2669 or to see if you meet eligibility requirements.

Determine if the patient health care provider may  prescribe a less costly brand of the prescription medication.  To that end they may switch to a generic version. More and more pharmacies are offering some generics for only $4.00 per prescription.

posti reminderThe  prescriptions bought via internet can save money.

In particularly in larger quantities, offers handsome savings in many instances. Client should be made aware that purchasing medication via internet pharmacies is a dicey proposition. However  provide no physical address or phone number and are possibly fronts for nefarious drug activity.

  • Hence, electronic pill dispenser with alarm for Forgetfulness. As reported, Forgetting to take medication according to prescribed directions is the most common cause of non compliance. In fact we all forget to take our medication from time to time.  However chronic forgetfulness is most often associated with poor organization and cognitive decline.
electronic pill dispenser
MED-Q smart pill reminder

How you can help

First, a Compartmentalized electronic pill dispenser with alarm is the best.  Second, medication calendars are less effective.  Third,  post-it note reminders are not very good.  Finally, timers and even high tech devices like an electronic pill dispenser with alarm are  helpful. However, The best plan  is to help the individuals set up a medication routine.  Conversely,  take medications at the same time every day.Get your own family members to help if possible.  Finally, te key here is to set up a electronic pill dispenser with alarm for daily taking of prescription medication.

MED-Q Smart Pill Reminder to the Rescue

The Med-Q Smart Pill reminder uses it’s triple box to bring the Medication Box into the 21st Century.  Med-Q electronic pill dispenser with alarm  is the solution to  Mom forgetting pills. As well as  the problems created by medication non-compliance and the shocking consequences it causes.

Medication errors cause a drop in the Quality Of life.  MED-Q electronic pill dispenser with alarm to Dad’s rescue.  By the same token a Smart Pill Box and smart pill reminder keeps Dad and Mom healthy.  Furthermore, the Patent Pending makes the Med-Q Pill Clock more than a medication timer.  This Pill Reminder has three alarms that compliment each other.

electronic pill dispenser with alarm
Med-Q electronic pill dispenser with alarm


pill dispenser with alarm
Med-Q pill dispenser with alarm

First, Non adherence to medication affects all age groups, turns a blind eye toward social stratification and is quite costly. Second, According to the National Council on Patient Information and Education, medication non compliance alone leads to an additional $2000 a year per patient in additional office visits.

To sum up, an old fashion pill boxes will not be the proper tool for compliance.

Hence the Med-Q Smart Pill Box.  Forgetting medication can cause Dad to move into assisted living.   This will reduce his Quality of Life in his golden Years.  To sum up, MED-Q Smart pill reminder is the 21st Century solution to the age old problem of “Forgetting Medication or Over . med-q pill box reminder

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