October 30, 2017

Electronic pill dispenser with alarm and lock

Electronic Pill Dispenser with alarm and lock

An Electronic Pill dispenser with alarm and lock is critical for good health

An Electronic Pill Dispenser with alarm and lock is the first line of defense to monitor seniors medication schedules.  As people get older, they usually have a medication schedule with mores doses and more pills.  Keeping your Medline with the proper dosing schedule is not as easy as it sounds.

alarm pill dispenser senior citizenSeniors have a condition called Age Induced Medication Mistakes (AIMM’s).  This is part of the aging process.  An Electronic Pill Dispenser with alarm and lock can be used to keep loved ones safe, health as well as Independent.

Medicine-Minder PILLBOX is a pill dispenser with alarm and lock

Medicine-Minder pill dispenser with alarm and lock has the ability to lock.   Their “Jon Pill Box” is a locking pill dispenser, h This pillbox has the ability to lock.  This is good for some one who is having issues with opiod addiction. The pillboxes goal is to help keep loved ones safe and comfort. Your parents don’t have to worry about overdosing as well as double/triple dosing, o even worse.  The monthly cost is $59.99/Per month.

 The Jon medication organizer comes with  a locking feature.  This in turn will allow the users access to only  one compartment at a time.  The other, unneeded compartment, stay locked. The medication dispenser is  can be controlled remotely going to  MedicineMinder’s website.
This pill dispenser with alarms is simple, affordable as well as easy for seniors to use. the pill dispenser has the basic appearance of a 7 or 14 day pillbox organizer. Designed to be simple and friendly, it has 28 seperate, individual compartments for a 7 day supply of prescription medication  as well as vitamins and supplements.. It can hold many different types and sizes of meds.

The locking pill dispenser has wireless technology

 MedicineMinder pill dispenser with alarm and lock has an internal computer that will store info about the patient’s dosage activity. This can be retrieved online for their personal caregiver or family member.  You can also set it up to get email and/or text message on your phone.
Caregiver are able to program the medication dispenser and the personal alarm times via the Internet. You can also call the service center and they will  do it for you.

The automatic pill dispenser with alarms has  the following:

  • User Pill reminders: When it’spill time t, the correct compartment flashes. If the cup is not removed within the assigned time frame, the patient can get auditory prompts as well as optional automatic phone calls, text messages and emails.
  • Remote monitoring capabilities: MedMinder keeps records of patient activities. The caregiver can access this information via the Internet or receive real-time email or text message notifications. Weekly and monthly email reports are also available.
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pill dispenser with alarm and lock

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