Med-Q electronic pill dispenser alarm and timer to the rescue

Med-Q electronic pill dispenser alarm and timer to the rescue


med-q electronic pill dispenser alarmFirst,   I cant’ remember to give myMom her Pills. Second,  I need a pill box with alarms for cats that will remind me”,  says Marge B.of Tucson, AZ. Third,  has been using a plastic pill box she bought at CVS pharmacy for $3.99.  Forth, Marge’s Mom has diabetes and needs daily medication.  The problem was that Marge is a busy person. Finally, Between her job, her family and friend, she kept messing up on the medication times and doses.  To sum up, She was getting desperate and her Mom was getting sicker.

 Forgetting the medication is a problem.  “I need Help”

Sponsored By Med-Q  electronic Pill dispenser with alarm and timer

med-q electronic pill dispenser alarm

 Med-Q pill box for Mom and Dad to the Rescue

You can get your pet a cheap plastic  pill box but  that isn’t working for Marge.  She still forgets to give her daily pills  The fact is, they nothing more than a pill organizer.  A programmable medication reminder will make forgetting impossible.   The MED-Q Pillbox has three alarms.  This medication reminder will keep Dad healthy.

Med-Q Pill Dispenser with alarms for your Family memembers


Furthermore, Use a medication organizers that will organize daily doses.  People forget to take their own medication and forget with their pets even more.   Again, Your Folks are relying on you 100% They can not buy a pill dispenser .

 Med-Q pill dispenser with alarms and timer for dogs and cats is dedicated to better health for our two legged friends. As always, medication doesn’t work if it isn’t taken.  

electronic pill dispenser alarmMed-Q Medication Timer for Mom Forgetting Medication

Med-Q Medication Timer for Improved  Medication Adherence

First of all, Effective strategies such as a medication reminder to Improving Medication Adherence are key to longer life and better medical outcomes.  Second of all,  Medication will not work  if not taken.  To sum up,  A medication timer with alarms is the key to success.

Med-Q Medication Timer for Mom Forgetting Medication

Worried about mom forgetting medication? In fact,  you are not the only one.  That is why there are many pill boxes on the market.  For examople, The MED-Q Medication Reminder uses a triple alarm system to to prevent dad forgetting pills.  A loud programmable pill box, the alarms will sound at the programmed times.  Moreover, Alzheimer’s forgetting medication will use the flashing guides to direct them to which pill to take.Smart electronic pill box dispenser for Mom

Med-Q Genius design has the flashing in the individual container holding that times dose. 

Hence, There are many different type of medication reminders.  Likewise,  for problems like mom forgetting medication or dad forgetting pills.  Some are made for Alzheimer’s forgetting medication.  Needless to say, forgetting depression medication has different problems the just forgetting.  Do some research on Amazon.  Again, A sit down meeting with the Seniors,  pharmacist can increase the understanding of the importance of taking medication as prescribed. In addition, studies done through the America Pharmacist Association  show it will help.

Behavior support

  • Friends, Family and loved ones can help change the users habits. By helping  to change a daily event into a daily habit,   this will increase compliance.

electronic pill dispenserPill Counting.

  • For example, Using a programmable pill-box like the MED-Q medication reminder, the senior can count out a two-week supply of pills. Subsequently, put them in daily containers.  Lastly,  remaining pills in the bottle will be offset by the ones in the pill organizer.  This simple method of keeping a count of pills has been shown to reduce forgetting .   In addition,  more importantly over dosing.

Blister pack.

  • A Blister pack holding the individual pills will help in compliance.  By the same token,  having the pills in a calendar looking package.  Again, user will be more likely to avoid dosing issues.   Blister pack information @ Wikepedia

pill dispenser alarm and timerElectronic Monitoring.

  • Technology makes it so remote monitoring is an effective tool.  Hence, Pill Boxes that connect with the internet can be used to instruct the user its time to take their pills. Obviously, if the pill is taken the pill holder or call service is not needed.  If the medication is not taken, email, phone and text reminders can be sent to the user.  the problem with this is that they still forget.   To sum up, An electronic pill dispenser in the home with alarms will ensure the medication is taken.

Home Health care Provider.

  • Moreover, A care giver is an expensive solution.  Where Med-Q programmable pill dispenser with alarms costs  approximately 60 dollars, a in-house care giver can and will cost electronic pill dispenser

An excellent Power Point Presentation created by the Center for Disease Control gives a detailed data presentation about the cause and effects on Medical Non-Compliance.  The effects of non compliance can be debilitating,  both physically and financially.  In conclusion, taking charge of the medication will lead to a better quality of life.  Lastly, a Medication Alarm clock is the key to success.  As I said, The best pill organizer for deaf people.   Hence, Great for early Alzheimer’s. 

For more information on a Medication Timer strategy, visit MED Q PillBox and see for your self.

med-q electronic pill dispenser alarm
med-q electronic pill dispenser alarm

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