MED-Q Electronic Pill Dispenser Manages Medications

Electronic Pill Dispenser is Part of a Medication Strategy

The MED-Q  Electronic Pill Dispenser audio alarm will get louder for five minutes.

 If they miss the dose, no problem.  MED-Q Electronic Pill Dispenser repeats it’s five minute alarm every 25 minutes until the medication is taken.  MED-Q  Electronic Pill Box eliminates the Stress, Worry and Wondering if your loved one is taking their medication properly.   At the programmed time the LED-LITE-BOX Technology Audio Alarms will remind and show the user which EXACT pills to take..  If the user has the skills to know to take  “ONLY THE BOX WHEN IT IS FLASHING” you can virtually eliminate forgetting and overdosing.Electronic Pill Dispenser Manages Medications

Focus on creating Medication reminder strategies first”

Does your loved ones simply forget to take their medications.  The opposite is just as true, if they can’t remember, they take it again and again, .  Over Dosing/Under dosing leads to Health crisis, reduced Quality of Life and can be even be Fatal.

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Med-Q Electronic Pill Dispenser
Med-Q Electronic Pill Dispenser


Electronic Pill Dispenser
Electronic Pill Dispenser

Have a Medication strategy to ensure proper dosing.

Medication  Strategy:  Have a Medication strategy to ensure proper dosing.  The MED-Q Electronic pill dispenser, telephone reminder services, professional care giver is some of the best methods.

Educate yourself:  There are many resources that can be view at Alzheimer’s, Association Read books, attend workshops and consult with healthcare professionals . Join caregiver support groups and discussion board. Visi to see short documentaries featuring family caregivers.

Use some type of Medication Reminder:  Have A Pill reminder or a pill dispenser to ensure proper medication.

Learn care giving techniques. Improved communication skills, safety concerns, and managing behavioral challenges can be learned and improved.

Electronic Pill Dispenser Manages MedicationsUnderstand the experience of your loved one. Adjust your expectations. Be patient and kind.

Avoid caregiver burnout.  This is HUGE! Make time for yourself. Join caregiver support groups. Pursue personal interests beyond your caregiving role.  Be good to yourself.

Maintain your own physical and mental health. Exercise, respite and other activities can reduce stress. Seek medical help if you are experiencing  signs of depression.

Coordinate with family and friends. Support systems are critical.

Do cognitive stimulation activities with your loved one. Listening to music, play computer games, do puzzles and memory games.

Communicate with physicians. Be involved in your loved one’s medical care. Ask questions and discuss treatment options.

Take care of financial, legal and long-term care planning issues. Try to involve your loved one in decision-making, if they are still capable of providing input, and consider their wishes related to future care and end-of-life issues.

Smile. Kindness, humor and creativity are essential parts of care giving. Hugs, hand massage and other gentle physical contact will help your loved one feel loved and connected.

med-q medication reminder alarms
med-q medication reminder alarms

Think positive. Focus on your loved one’s remaining strengths and enjoy your relationship while you are still able to.

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