Smart Pill box for Medication Compliance in African American

MED-Q Electronic Pill Box for Mom

MED-Q Electronic Pill Box with Alarms

Amazing MED-Q Electronic Pill Box with Alarms is the Answer

electronic pill box with alarms
electronic Pill Dispenser Alarm

Phyllis got her Dad the MED-Q  Electronic Pill Box with Alarms

The problem has gone away with her Electronic Pill Box with Alarms. .  Phyllis’s Dad was taking 4 pills every single morning at 9 AM.  One of his four kids would fill up his old fashion pill box every two weeks,  We had no problem with Dad forgetting pills until the stroke.  Now dad forgetting medication has gotten out of control.  He was forgetting to take 2 or 3 days worth of pills.  To catch up, he was taking three days worth of pills at one time.  It was a disaster waiting to happen.

electronic pill box with alarmsMED-Q  Electronic Pill Box with Alarms solved the Problem

 Brilliant Med-Q SMART Medication Box is your Simple, *Reliable, Affordable solution to overdosing & forgetting.  See for  yourself what a Smart pill dispenser can do.  Cutting edge MED-Q is the Smart Pill clock designed by Hospital RN’s to help avoid the shocking consequences of medication error.  Here is another MED-Q Smart Medication Box success story.

electronic pill box with alarmsMed-Q Electronic Pill Box is the Best Pill reminder for Dad

First,  med-Q Pill Dispenser has been great for him.Second, the flashing and beeping alarms has been great.  Third, We were going to have to put  him in to Assisted Living, but not now.  And needless to say, assisted living and nursing home’s cost are on the rise.  Finally, Med-Q medication box is the best investment you can make.

 A private Assisted living facility is expensive.

med-q electronic pill box with alarms
Med-Q electronic pill box with alarms

 A single apartment can cost up to 90 thousand dollars a year.  This is the basic cost with no extras.   The Med-Q electronic Pill box has a priced under 70 bucks.  The average assisted living facility costs over four times that per day.   It is silly to say, the electronic pill box would pay for itself before breakfast.

electronic pill box with alarms
pill box for alzheimer’s

Med-Q Electronic Pillbox with Triple alarms

If  Mom forgetting pills is a problem, then this is for you.  Is Dad forgetting medication?    This 21st Century Pill clock is a perfect Alzheimer’s pill alarm.  Teaching Alzheimer’s suffers early on can help them better manage their medication.  The American Alzheimer’s Association recommends a medication timer as a strategy first. The MED-Q Smart Electronic Pill Box with alarms to the rescue.

The Amazing Automatic Pill Dispenser uses it’s Blasting Alarms to make sure you remember to take your pills.  The alarms will get Louder and Louder until taken.  The Cutting Edge design will accommodate Senior’s Hearing.  Just one of the Design decisions in the smart electronic pill box with alarms.

programmable pill alalrm
bestprogrammable pill dispenser alarm timer
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