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Electronic Medication timer for Alzheimer’s Sufferers

Electronic Medication timer for Alzheimer’s Sufferers

med-q medication box for Alzheimer'sFirst of all. An  Electronic Medication Timer for Alzheimer’s sufferers.  Second of all, Mistakes of all kinds leads to over 100’s of thousand deaths per year.  Third of all,  cost in dollars and human suffering is incalculable.  Finally, Med-Q Smart Electronic Medication timer for Alzheimer’s sufferers is the simple, reliable, solution to the problem.  Again,  Improvement in Independence and Quality of Life is immeasurable.

How does the MED-Q Electronic Medication timer for Alzheimer’s work?  

First,  at the programmed time the medication timer will start beeping.  Second, The individual compartment holding that times dose will start to flash.  This will continue for 5 minutes. Third, The Electronic Medication timer for Alzheimer’s will repeat this 5 minute cycle every thirty minutes until the medication has been taken.

He’s back in the ER again from not taking his Med’s right”.   Hospital Nurses Inspired the MED-Q Electronic Medication timer for Alzheimer’s.  By the same token , equipped with Audio Alerts and Visual guide.  To sum up, it solves Senior’s everyday challenges.

MED-Q Smart Electronic Medication timer for Alzheimer’s is a Winning design

Again, The need for a Alzheimer’s Pill alarm not just an old fashion pill box  was obvious to Hospital RN’s.    We started with  Nurses knowledge.  In addtion, many different prototypes and user studies.  To illustrate,  problems and “bottle Necks” were removed and replaced with 21st century technology.  The MED-Q Smart Electronic Medication timer for Alzheimer’s was eventually perfected.  To sum up,  LED LITE-BOX Technology with Triple Alarms made it possible.  

We feel we met our goal with the MED-Q Electronic Medication timer for Alzheimer’s

medication timer
America’s Best Medication Timer with LITE-BOX Technology

For example, no worries about Mom forgetting pills.  By the same token, no more stressing over dad Forgetting Medication.  Hence,  MED-Q Pill clock is the user friendly medication tool that can virtually eliminate mistakes.

Medication Timer With Bright Flashing Visual Alert and Guide

Accordingly, MED-Q Medication Timer is your Loved One’s Medication Safety Belt.  For this reason the Amazing MED-Q PillBox  keeps them Self-Reliant with 21st Century Technology.   At the medication taking time, the LED will light up ONLY the individual Alzheimer’s pill alarm’s compartment holding ONLY the pills that needs to be taken.   Besides, the individual box will flash on and off for 5 minutes and will repeat every 30 minutes until the medication is taken.    MED-Q Medication Timer LITE-BOX guides the user to the right pill compartment at the right time.  Of course, for mistake free dosing.

smart pill box reminder

My Mom has Alzheimer’s and I need Help

Alzheimer’s Pill Box prevents Medication Errors.  My Mom has Alzheimer’s disease and I need help.

“My Mom has Alzheimer’s disease and I need help with her Medication. I need a smart pill box for my Moms meds”, says Bill R.   Apperently  there is no cure for Alzheimer’s.  

The Chances of Developing Alzheimer’s

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and AARP, says that there is a 50/50 chance that the Alzheimer’s or dementia sufferers is taking six or more  prescription medications a day.  In fact, some are taking  more. The more pills that are taken will increase the chances of mistakes. It is important to use a smart pill box. These devices will help in taking pills.  Morover,  Med-Q Smart Pill Box has three alarms. Hence, this Smart Pill Organizer will lead to better medical outcomes.

Sponsored By Med-Q Electronic Medication timer for Alzheimer’s

Electronic Medication timer for Alzheimer's
Electronic Medication timer for Alzheimer’s

How Many Medication Mistakes are “OK”?  The Answer is very simple….NONE!!!   It only takes one missed dose.  On the other hand, It only takes one double dose.  The results can be CATASTROPIC.  If one mistake can cause that type of problem, imagine what many, many mistakes over a period of time could lead to?

alzheimer'sWhat is Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s forgetting medication

First, Alzheimer’s disease is a slow.  Second, progressive.  Third,, ultimately fatal.  Moreover, the brain illness  affects over 10% of people over the age of 65.   It starts with forgetting and advances steadily over an average period of 8-10 years. Those who have it eventually need daily assistance to function and cannot live alone.  The disease is eventually fatal.

Mom has Alzheimer’s and There is not cure

Doctors will tell you, ” My Mom has Alzheimer’s need some help”It can be difficult when taking multiple medications to remember them on a daily basis, so caregivers can take measure to make sure the medication is taken at the correct time in the correct dosage.  By our caregivers assisting elderly persons and their families whether they are at an assisted living facility or home everyone can feel more relaxed because we are there to help.

 Alzheimer’s Cognitive Behavior Treatment or CBT:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy means psychological treatments that are based on scientific evidence.

Cognitive emotional behavioral therapy (CEBT) is a form of CBT developed initially for individuals with eating disorders but now used with a range of problems including anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anger problems.

In the mean time, these treatments have been proven to be effective in treatment.    At any rate there are differences between cognitive and behavioral therapies.  Obviously they both use the same approach. n the event  you are experiencing Alzheimer’s, best be prepared.

Dad Forgetting medication is a family problem

Dad Forgetting medication can’t be overlooked.  dad forgetting Medication

Today‘s complicated Medication Schedules and Number of Pills is an accident waiting to happen.  Dad forgetting medication has become a growing problem.   Of course, when dad has pills to take , he needs a smart Pill box.  A Smart pill box is just as important as they medication your Dad is taking.  Equally important, a Medication box with tripe alarms, makes forgetting or overdosing virtually impossible.  A Smart Pill dispenser will help prevent Dad forgetting medication and the shocking consequences that come with it

Home Health Help.

alzheimer's caregiverCaregivers will go to your Dad’s house to help with their Pills. The caregivers  will help prevent medication errors.  There are many services with many levels of care. The least expensive is a CNA visiting to make sure the meds have been taken.

In contrast, the other end of the spectrum.  Caregivers giving the meds  have to be careful.  An example, making sure they don’t eat foods that  interferes as well as react with prescriptions. In the mean time, Caregivers will also help to make sure that seniors take medications with food.  In addition, avoid alcohol as directed. Again research and knowing the patient will help you decide which option is best for you.

programmable pill reminderNot your Grandpa’s old fashion pill box

Hence, Dad Forgetting medication is not uncommon.  Furthermore, individuals forget to take their medication all the time. Hence, they double and triple dose. Both errors can take huge toll  in bad Health and loss of Independence. The Med-Q Smart pill box is the solution.  To conclude, No more Mom forgetting pills.  Furthermore no Dad forgetting medication with the MED-Q PillBox.

Seniors suffer from AIMM’s (Age Induced Medication Errors).  Unfortunitly this problem gets worse as they get older. Eventually a complex medication regimen gets too hard to keep track of in the best conditions. To sum up, A smart pill reminder is needed.

A Smart Pillbox means Health and Independence

Surprisingly, for dad in Assisted living can be hundreds of dollars a day.  The cost to personal Quality of Life can not be measured.   To demonstrate, it has been estimated  that up to 25% of admits are premature.  By the same token, seniors could have stayed at home if the could take their meds properly.

To conclude, Dad forgetting medication is the perfect place for Med-Q  Smart Pill Box.  Keeping dad at home helps give him the Quality of Life he Deserves in their Golden years.   MedQ Pillbox to the rescue.

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