Electronic Medication Reminder for Alzheimer’s

Electronic Medication Reminder for Alzheimer’s


Best Electronic Medication Reminder for Alzheimer’s

Electronic Medication Reminder for Alzheimer’s

The Best Electronic Medication Reminder for Alzheimer’s is loaded with features.  Alternatively, Med-Q Electronic Medication Reminder for Alzheimer’s  to the rescue.  In fact MED-Q prevent the 1000’s of  the populace from going to the Emergency Room.  In perticular because they made a boo-boo with their prescriptions. Moreover, did you know that over 10% of all ER visits are medication error related?   By the same token, Forgetting you medications effects over 70% of the Aged.   Health Care Professionals. refer to this problem as “AIMM’s” (Advance Induced Medication Mistakes ).

With The Elderly, committing errors is getting worse.

The Alzheimer’s Association  says, ” 75% of Seniors that have starting to show the , “early on symptoms” .  First they have difficulty in remembering their medicine and supplements.  Second, elderly don’t keep in mind  that they are ready took that days pills.  Third, they up taking their pills three or four  times in the same 24 hour period. To sum up, the Best Electronic Medication Reminder for Alzheimer’s .  It provides the organization that forces them to take suitable medication.  Subsequently at the suitable dosing point in time.

Why you need a Electronic Medication Reminder for Alzheimer’s?

Failing to Recall Prescription medication impacts over 70% of Seniors. Put jointly, Alzheimer’s and Dementia , compute their whole figures.  Furthemore one can observe that they shoot extremely High.

The Alzheimer’s Association informs us that over 85% of persons who are experiencing  the early symptoms of Alzheimer’s forget their medicine. .  On the other hand, frequently the Alzheimer’s endure to  take the tablets .  This goes on continually through the course of the day.

The Best Electronic Medication Reminder for Alzheimer’s offers confidence that the true med’s are actually being taken.  The MedQ Electronic Medication Reminder for Alzheimer’s helps thwart the 2,400 individuals  that go to the hospital.  This happens  every 24 hours.  Likewise the consequences of medication errors,  To put it another way,  over 10% of all hospital visits.

MedQ Prescription Medication Reminder is the Alzheimer’s suffers best Friend.

reminder for alzheimer's In other word, It’s also a great Pill reminder for their Caregiver. First of all,  The cutting edge design of the pill reminder takes the burden off the caregiver.  Second of all,  MedQ Pill Organizer uses it’s repeating Triple Alarms. Reminds and Guides.  Third,  You can make no remembering mistakes.  Finally taking 3 or doses, or even worse a thing of the past.

The Best Pill Reminder MedQ Pill Organizer to the Rescue Now it’s your turn to take care of them.

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