MED-Q smart pill box with alarms for Alzheimer’s?

Med-Q smart pill box with alarms for Alzheimer’s?

Is Loneliness an Early Sign of Alzheimer’s Disease?

Thursday, Nov. 4, 2016 (Med-Q Smart Pill box with Alarms)–  If you are experiencing the feeling of  being lonely, this may be a early sign of Alzheimer’s Disease.  A new warning sign of the onset of Alzheimer’s disease in seniors and the elderly.older folks.  

smart pill box with alarmsThis has mean made public in a recently published  study.

 First, senior Citizens who are in  good healthy but have an elevated level of amyloid (a protein in the brain)

Second, Amyloid  is the abnormal fibrous, extracellular. Third,  proteinaceous deposits found in the brain. Amyloid is insoluble as well as structurally dominated by it’s  ?-sheet structuring.

Being lonely may be an early sign of Alzheimer’s  

Alzheimer's Medication ReminderFirst , Researchers discovered that men and women who had elevated levels of amyloid  were at a higher risk for developing Alzheimer’s.  Second of all,  chances were Eight times greater  to be lonely than to not be-lonely,  Third of all, this was reported by Doctor Nancy Donovan. Finally, Dr. Donovan is the director of the Center for Alzheimer Research and Treatment at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

Many Studies  show socially inactivity makes people  more likely to develop dementia.

Again,  research study suggest that sufferers that are in the early stages are more likely feel lonely as well as socially detached or isolated. For example,  Individuals who are beginning to accumulate the amyloid protein often are unable to perceive, understanding and even respond in social interactions.   Dr.Donovan said. “This could be one of the early social signs of cognitive [mental] change.” Hence,  Older woman refusing medication at home

Doctors can screen for Alzheimer’s by elevating the patients’ emotional health.

to illustrate,  sticky amyloid proteins is the tell tale sign of Alzheimer’s.  as well as dementia  Furthermore, this was reported by CBS News.    To sum up, Alzheimer’s comes from when these plaques clog up the spaces between  nerve cells in the brain.  In conclusion, Why this happens is not understood by the current medical community.

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Med-Q Smart Pill Box with Alarms
Med-Q Smart Pill Box with Alarms

Doctor Donovan and her research team followed over 40 women as well as 37 men.  

The mean age of the group was 75. All of the men and women were in good health and no zero  signs of Alzheimer’s or dementia.  Folks that had a higher level of the amyloid protein in their cortex were Seven and one-half  times more likely experiencing loneliness.  Be aware that this study has not proven the direct cause-and-effect relationship.  Much more research is needed on the early signs of Alzheimer’s.

If the new data can be substantiated, this would lead to the potential of being able to impact the disease by  taking people  out of one’s own loneliness and put them in social situation.  This might  reduce the likelihood of progression toward dementia.Pill Box with Alarms

 In the future, behavioral changes may be the first symptom of  impairment.

 Doctors in the future may be trained to look for loneliness, apathy, mood changes or social impulsiveness as early signs of Alzheimer’s,  Future research is need to see if this one of the early signs of Alzheimer’s Disease can be used in future treatment.

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