October 27, 2017

Different kinds of Pill Boxes

Different kinds of of Pill Boxes to choose from

Different kinds of  pill boxes are used  to store and organize medications and vitamins.

This being said, there are Different kinds of of Pill Boxes to choose from.  The purpose of a pill box is to assist seniors in remembering to take their prescription medication as well as their vitamins and other supplement.  A good pillbox makes sure that the meds are taken in the correct amount at the right time. Modern Pill boxes can be helpful when traveling because they will condense the multitude of prescription medication bottles into a smaller pill organizer. The old fashion pill boxes were made of wood or metal. Now these plastic Pill boxes have individual containers to hold daily doses.

Old Fashion Pill boxes are not able to handle modern medication schedules

Different kinds of of Pill BoxesOld fashion pill organizers were a  simple box without any kind of ornamentation.  They are very cheap, sometimes as low as 99 cents.  This being said, there are elaborately decorated and expensive medication boxes as well.

Over the past Hundred Years,  manufacturers have changed the materiel to plastic and designed and built pill organizers with compartments representing each day of the week.  In today’s modern world, people have many more choices.  Modern Medication reminders like the Med-Q Smart Pill Dispense with Alarms has Flashing guides and blasting alarms to remind and guide.  Many other electronic pill dispensers come equipped  with many different features. People who take pills frequently or infrequently can find pill boxes at stores and at online sites like Med-Q Pill Box. . When  making your own personal  comparisons, people ought to be informed about about the different types of pill boxes. They need to know about their features, benefits, and if there are any accessories.

Different kinds of Pill Boxes

Men and women who are taking prescription medications will often have a hard time taking the right pills at the right times.  Following your Health Care professional; is not done for a variety of different reasons.  Taking the wrong dose may lead to many different problems. This can be caused by either not taking the pill at all, or taking it at the wrong time.  Even worse, mixing up the meds with another pill. The worse, double/triple dosing can even be fatal.  People have been using  Pill boxes  to help  avoid medication error.  People who use a smart pill box with alarms for vitamins can also increase their level of compliance.

The biggest reason to use  pill organizers is  that they can make taking prescription pills as well as vitamins simple.

People choice to lad their smart pill dispense with alarms instead of pouring out of bottles or even pushing tablets through the foil holder.  With a 7 day pill organizer with removable daily pill boxes, people care able to plan ahead and organize an entire week’s worth of medicine in a convenient weekly pill organizer.   It only takes a moment  to load the weekly pill organizer.  Some additional benefits including minimizing spilling and losing pills, and helping in the management of your prescriptions and refills. Pill boxes are also helpful for when people are traveling, as all the bulky, confusion pill bottles can be left behind.  People that are experiencing any type of  memory loss (Dementia, Alzheimer’s or  AIMM;s)  find a weekly pill organizer will make their lives easier A Pill box with alarms and guides will make this even easier. Whether for prescriptions as well as vitamins, people have many different types of pill boxes to choose from.

Grandma’s “Old Fashion” Plastic Pill Boxes

Twice a day monthly pill organizer should be water resistant as well as close to air tight.  The  pill organizer ought to have a  tight lid to avoid the chances of  spilling pills.  The mos simple plastic pill box is rectangular with 7 individual compartments. Each of the compartments have  large letter printed on them to signifying each day of the week.

Most twice a day monthly pill organizers have compartments that have separate lid that will easily and safely, snap open and shut. The simple pillboxes range in size so people need to choose the right size that will hold  the number of pills they are taking. The variations in this design are two-week boxes and monthly boxes.

AM PM Pill Organizer Design

If the AM/PM 7 day pill organizer design is preferred, but people want to put multiple pills in,  they are able to buy a couple of Pillboxes. The drawback to this method is because the user has to remember what each of their pill are for.  They also need to know when to take them and in what amounts.  As a matter of fact, the compartments are usually look the same with the same exact coloring, which causes medication mistakes (Medication Non-Compliance)  errors and the initials for the days of the week are not useful for people with vision problems.   This being said people who take one daily pill, the basic pill box is effective at organizing, but not effective to remember.

Getting a modern pill box will provide you with many more options. Individuals are able to find pillboxes with color coded daily compartments.  Some of the smart pillboxes will also have Braille encoded boxes. Boxes that have separate daily compartments for those taking a  morning and night time pill. Even more helpful, 31 day pill boxes that have 4 daily compartments. Variations in designs include daily compartments that line up horizontally or vertically in a tray, and are separately portable.

Different kinds of of Pill BoxesNovelty Pill Boxes

Pill boxes are also available that are made for fun.  Many different types of  pill boxes are available that have more style. The manufacturer will take square, rectangular, and circular shapes and are made from a variety of materials including plastic, wood, and metal. Ornamentation  can suit every person taste. Designs include wooden pill boxes NOT RECOMMENDED), advertising as well as motivational sayings.  They may also have images of wildlife or even humorous sayings.

Small Pill Boxes with Attachments

The pill fob is a short cylinder with a hole for a key ring. The pill box with lanyard is a container in any shape or material that is attached to a lanyard worn around the neck. The advantages of these types of pill boxes lie in their portability, the decreased likelihood of being lost, and the increased visibility, which may increase proper medication usage. Consumers can find other variations like a pill box pen with a clip that can attach to a bag or a shirt pocket. People can also find pill boxes that attach to the body and are also style statements, in the form of pill box jewelry. Many people would like to remember all their pills but would rather wear pill box necklaces, brooches, or bracelets, which organize less pills.

Electronic Pill Boxes

Different kinds of of Pill BoxesElectronic or digital pill boxes, also known as pill reminder boxes add intelligence to the pill box. Electronic pill boxes have varying features. Basic electronic organizers will remember which pill is necessary to take and will sound an alarm until the pill is taken. Alarms vary according to device so consumers can look for visual, audible, and vibrating alarms. Some people, especially those with memory loss can find devices that offer a data viewing screen to inform patients of the type of medication, what it is for, and the dosage. Audible medical information is another option.

Additionally, devices can monitor the medication that is dispensed and analyze the dosing habits of the person. This information is then uploaded via a telephone, USB, or smartphone port to a computing device or directly to a physician or caregiver. Some devices offer a monthly service plan for such services and also offer SMS text reminders and reminders to refill prescriptions. Some electronic pill boxes have locks which prevent children from accessing medication and lock the device after a medication dosage to prevent double dosing. Some devices are actually pill dispensers that have mechanisms like rotating compartments that dispense the correct pill into a slot.

Vintage and Antique Pill Boxes

People who have limited medications and are looking for a little more style in their pill boxes can find vintage or antique pill boxes. Vintage is 20 to 25 years old and antique is 100 years old or more. Most pill boxes in this genre will be made of wood or metal, and come in different shapes, sizes, and designs.

Pill Box Accessories

A pill crusher or pill cutter is a useful accessory when taking medication or vitamins. Many people choose to divide the pill to take a lower dose and thus choose a pill divider. Others who do not like to swallow pills or who are not capable of swallowing pills can purchase a pill crusher, and put the crushed pill in liquid or food.

Buying Pill Boxes from Medqpillbox

smart pill box with alarm and timerPeople who take medications, family and friends who are worried about someone’s medications, and caregivers who want to gift pill boxes can find a wide variety on eBay. To conduct a fruitful and quick search, use the search box on any page and enter a general term like “pill boxes” or a more specific term like “vintage pill box.” If you are just browsing and getting some ideas for now and might like to purchase later, use eBay’s save a search feature to bookmark pill boxes and favorite sellers.



Many people find it frustrating to search through their bottles every day and push medication through foil wrappers when they are late for work. Others take multiple medications and have difficulty organizing them and taking them appropriately. Some people have disability issues like dementia or vision loss, which hamper their ability to take medication. Depending on the situation and personal preferences, low-tech pill boxes and high-tech pill boxes are available to assist people in taking their medications and vitamins.

Finding the right one is a matter of considering the options. The simple plastic box is very popular and inexpensive. Upgraded plastic boxes have more options including compartments for different times of day. Consumers can also choose boxes that attach to the body like pill box necklaces, and people can also find novelty boxes that suit their personality. For more options, electronic pill boxes are available with a range of features. People can find a good pill box at brick and mortar stores, but eBay makes it easy to find boxes to manage medications.

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