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Diabetic Nerve Pain is a common symptom in Diabetes

Diabetic Nerve Pain is a common symptom in Diabetes

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Very often the pain in your feet and hands could be related to your diabetes? 

 Diabetic Nerve Pain begins with high blood sugar levels.   Diabetes is caused by having high blood sugar levels.   Over time this may cause Diabetic Nerve Pain.  Neuropathy is nerve damage that often results in pain. Peripheral neuropathy happens in hands and feet.

Diabetic peripheral neuropathy

Some people experience Diabetic Nerve Pain as tingling or numbness, while others have no symptoms. Diabetic pain is different from the pain from a headache or twisted ankle.  Over 29 million Americans  have been diagnosed with diabetes and half of them have nerve damage from the disease. Not everyone will feel Diabetic Nerve Pain , but 20% of diabetics feel shooting, burning, pins and needles in their feet and hands.  There are prescription medications, like LYRICA to help manage the pain.

Nerve damage from diabetes progresses over time and is permanent

Diabetic nerve painThe first time diabetics notice  symptoms is when the nerve damage has already been done. The damage can also cause loss of feeling in the feet and hands. Numbness can cause cuts and sores to go unnoticed. This can lead to infections. In some cases, infections can even result in amputation.

Understand your symptoms

If you have diabetes and foot pain, it may be diabetic nerve pain. This pain may also be felt in the hands. And while this pain may come and go over time, it’s caused by permanent damage to your nerves.   It is caused by aging, weight gain, or other conditions.  Using a Smart pill box or pill reminder can help with medication. If your parents are diabetic, mom forgetting pills of dad forgetting medication will make things much worse.  A Smart Pill dispenser is key to medication complianceHere are a few of the most common symptoms:


Pins and needles


Electric shock-like






Sensitivity to touch

 If you experience diabetic nerve pain, you know how much it can impact you. Since it is a chronic condition, it can get worse over time. Describe your symptoms to your doctor. They can determine if your pain is diabetic nerve pain and take the appropriate actions.
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