Top tips for medications management with individuals with dementia

Dementia Pill Strategy for Seniors

Use a Smart Pill reminder for a Dementia Pill Strategy

Dementia Pill Strategy uses a Smart Pill Reminder

dementia pill strategyFirst, Getting men and women who are living with dementia as well as Alzheimer’s is no easy task. The fact of the matter is that is is hard to do.   Second, this is a uncommon problem with Dementia caregivers.    Third,  the question is, ” How to get Dementia suffer to take their Pills”  Finally, This is one of the hardest challenges that Dementia family caregivers.  Health care professionals use tools like sa smart pill reminder to help.  the smart pill reminder is needed for the memory loss.  Like many, I faced this problem with my mother, Dotty, who lived with Alzheimer’s disease.

Let’s start by examining the Issue.

For instance, Just try explaining to  an Alzheimer’s sufferer disease why they should take their medication?   most of the time you will have to give a long explanation about the importance of a smart pill reminder forf taking their pills.  Moreover, trying to reason with a person with Dementia or Alzheimer’s can be useless depending on the stage of the disease.

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Alzheimer’s Communication Tip -Keep it brief

dementia pill strategy
dementia pill strategy

After attempting logical discussion, you may find your testing you patience as well as becoming very irritable?People feel that they are at “wits end”?   Explanations ware a source of frustration, keep the conversation as brief as possible.

Why do Dementia sufferers become resistant to caregivers?

One of the biggest mistake that a care giver makes is supplying way to much information  This will just overwhelming, as well as cause confusion.  Information overload is a very bad thing if the individual is very forgetful.  This will only confuse men and women living with Dementia. Once the are confused, you have lost the battle.  How do you operate when they are  confused?

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 Put your self in their Place.

smart pill reminder
smart pill reminder

How do you act when talked to in a very harsh or condescending tone of voice? Are you more, or less, likely to do what they want? How do you react when someone tries to force you to do something you don’t want to do?  Try to go outside  yourself and try to think about what the person can be feeling and thinking.  Try to look at the faces to see how they are feeling.   Keep in mind that their mind no longer works like yours. An Individual suffering with dementia will not process information in their brain;s the way we do.  They can get confused when overwhelmed with even basic  information.

senior's biggest fearWhen you want to get someone living with Alzheimer’s to do something the less you say the better the outcome.

Alzheimer’s Care and Communication.  When it’s pill time  the goal is to get the pills taken without saying a word.  This is very,very important.  Just hand the pills, 1 at a time.  Make certain that they are in , sitting position..  Without saying a word, had the glass of water.

Hold out the 1st prescription in front of them, in plain site. This is   so it is easy for them to see. Give them a moment to assimilate the new information. Don’t rush them.  If there is an ongoing problem , it is not unusual that they will start saying “mean” things.  Just ignore those words. For example, Don’t say anything.  To illistrate,   keep holding the meds out for them to see. First, then, 2nd pill. and finally the 3rd pill, Hence, same approach leads to the same outcome.

Dementia Pill Strategy for Seniors

What is Dementia?  Why is a dementia pill strategy so important in managing dementia?    Dementia is when your short term memory is impaired on a daily basis. This is not to be confused with AIMM’s (Age Induced Medication Mistakes). The Dementia  suffers may simply forget to take their medication altogether, or forget if they have already taken .  Medication mistakes can often be fatal.

smart pill reminder
med-q smart pill reminder

Dementia Pill Strategy comes First

Pill Box with Alarms

Medication errors are a typical symptom of Dementia.  When you see loved ones making medication mistakes  you should be worried.  This is not like forgetting to pay the electric bill.  Medical mistakes lead to 210,000 Americans  preventable hospital deaths every year.  Medication errors are the Number 3 leading cause of death, behind cancer and heart disease.  These normal difficulties in medication compliance are made 1000 times worse with Dementia.

Heart Disease is a Trigger

By the same token, Controlling blood pressure may protect against dementia. New Studies were preformed.  Patients brains were scanned  that showed scarring which is linked to Dementia. Those scars start building up in middle age from High blood pressure.  It can be years or even decades before problems start.  Furthermore, scientists say that some of the same issues that cause heart disease increase the risk of dementia.    To sum up, High blood pressure, obesity, diabetes  and lack of exercise are some of the triggers.

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best automatic pill reminder for seniors

Smart Pill Reminder can help with missing pills.

A Smart Pill reminder should be part of the tools used to fight the diseases progressions.  Even people without memory problems find ta smart pill reminder useful and managing their pills.  The pill reminder will make sure the take the right pills at the right times.  Just as important, it will keep the Dementia sufferer for taking 3,4 or more pills at the same time.  Some Pill remainders lock or have flashing and beeping programmed reminders.

telephone pill reminderTelephone reminder services are useful for suffers.

Telephone reminder services are useful for suffers . The problem is that people tell the service that they have taken their pills when they haven’t.  This is why a smart pill box is better solution.  You may want to “Google” pill reminder to see the different options available..

Smart Phone Apps

First of all, there are apps that can be put on smart phones to act as a pill reminder.   Second of all, these are usually very inexpensive.  They work better than posti-notes.  The problem with dementia sufferers is that they forget.  From the time the app reminds them to take their pills.  Finally they have already been distracted and then forget.  By the same token, this is a good idea for seniors suffering from normal memory loss.

dementia pill strategy for seniors
dementia pill strategy for seniors

The first thing you need to do for a dementia suffer is to develop a personalized Dementia pill strategy.   This is one of the most important decisions you can make in helping your loved one travel the dementia road.  For more information visit MedQ’s Blog.

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