December 24, 2016

Sauna to lowers Alzheimer’s & dementia risk


Dementia & Alzheimer’s risks lowered with a Sauna


Can roasting in a Sauna Prevent Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer'sMost people like roasting in a steamy sauna.  People fell that sauna therapy will aid  with, joint pain as well as your personal moods.  A newly released report shows  some surprising plus of sitting near-naked in a hot wooden box and turning yourself into a human frankfurter: It’s good for your brain and can stave of Alzheimer’s and dementia.


Sitting the sauna may lower dementia risks

In a newly  publishDementia and Alzheimer's Preventioned report issued by the University of Eastern Finland. The Study was published in  the journal,”Age and Ageing journal” .  The scientists and researchers followed over 2,300 Males, in good health.  The study group were all males and were between 40–65 years old.  During the study, 200 occurrences of  of dementia were reported as well as 120 case of Alzheimer’s.

Many different variables were taken into account.


A few of the variables that Investigators took into account were things like:

  • The age of the Subject
  • The amount of  alcohol they drank
  • What was their personnel body mass index
  • What was their blood pressure reading

The researches unconverted , When comparing the Men who visited a sauna at least once every 7 days, for a minimum of 20, compared to men who used it 4 or more  times per week , the results were surprising.  Those who visited the sauna more often had a Sixty five Percent reduced likelihood of developing dementia  or Alzheimer’s disease. What’s up with that?

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Additional Dementia and Alzheimer’s Study is Needed

Even thought the results are encouraging, much more research is needed.   Jari Laukkanen, a cardiologist at the University of Eastern Finland, reports that the potential health benefits may be because of superior vascular function brought on with heat . In a 2014 report covering sauna’s effect on heart health, Laukkanen noted that going to the sauna is a part Scandi culture. “In Finland saunas are not luxury items, almost everyone has access to a sauna.”  These may have similarities, however many more research studies are necessary.

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