Dad need a smart medication reminder with alarm

Dad need a smart medication reminder with alarm

Why does and flashing guides?

In short, T0dd R is a typical example of caring for an aging father. First of all, Dad has been taking medication for years.  However, there is ne meds that have been shown to  slow the progression of Dementia.  The problem, he isn’t taking them as directed.  His doctor told him to take one in the early morning and one before he went to sleep.  To sum, up, he is missing his times about 30%.  We know that this will get worse as the disease progresses.

Todd asked, “Does anyone have any tips for helping him take his pills as directed?”  First, Todd’s dad is very unorganized.  Second, he has pill bottles scattered throughout his home.. My brother lives close, however dad refuses to let him help with the prescription medications. I live an 3 hours away so I can’t really stop by t on a daily basis.  Is there some type of smart medication reminder with alarm and flashing guides that will help?  To sum up, we are considering a caregiver stop by a few times a week.  Hence, they will  check see if the pills are being taken.  We need a good medication reminder for our Dad!  

Med-Q smart medication reminder with alarm and flashing for Dementia sufferers

My Mother is living alone  after our father passed.  Furthermore, she is having trouble remembering.  The doctor told us she was in the first stages of Dementia.  In short, we were terrified.  Mom has a history of medication mistakes.  She is using one of those Old fashion pill boxes.  The doctor told us to find a smart medication reminder with alarm. To sum up, We habec , we had three choices.  First, get a smart Why does dad need a smart medication reminder with alarm and flashing guides? that will keep her at home.  Second. hire a live in caregiver.  Third, move her into assisted living.We tried the Med-Q smart medication reminder with alarm and flashing guides.  It has been great.  The forgetting problem has disappeared.  In addition, the overdosing problem also went away.  We hope that the pills will keep her dementia under control.

Take a proactive stance with medication
Take a proactive stance with medication with the Smart Medication Reminder with alarm and timer

Remember, you are not on this Journey alone

Caring for a loved one with dementia is no easy task.  This being said, there are ways to make the challenges easier.  

Example: I was in a situation a couple of years ago when my father in law was diagnosed with Dementia. He is on a very complicated medication schedule.  First, he started to forget what and when to take his meds. The family started an online search for some simple solutions.  The problem,  I did not want to give him a new kind of electronic pill reminder device that was confusing.  He was at a stage where it would be impossible for him to start using anything new.

I found the MED-Q  smart medication reminder with alarm and flashing guides.  IOt looks just like his old pillbox, so it was easy to switch.  There was virtually no le

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